Being likeable is most definitely a skill, and one that creative designer Meg Lewis has down pat. In fact, over 60 companies (big and small) have hired her to do their branding. Today, she’s bringing all this know-how to the B+C online classroom in her new online class, Build Your Brand Identity.

Build Your Brand Identity


In her class, you’ll learn how to put your best face forward and build the beginnings of a happy company.

DON’T expect: step-by-step instructions on how to sell out, create a phony version of yourself and tell the people what they want to hear.

DO expect: to get to the heart of what makes your personal brand unforgettable. Figure out what makes your brand special and use that to create a personal mission statement, define your business, translate your brand into a visual mood board and set branding guidelines for yourself.

In under an hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a two-sentence definition of your brand
  • Pinpoint what sets you apart
  • Define your brand mission based on what you value
  • Create client personas
  • Define the emotions your brand evokes and express that emotion with a mood board
  • Create a visual style guide

The result will be a brand that you’re ready to take public!


Tally-ho, entrepreneurs: Enroll in Build Your Brand Identity today! Once you purchase, the class video is yours forever. You can watch at your own pace and reference it whenever you need to brush up on a particular course topic.

See ya in class! In the meantime, here’s three minutes of Meg’s dance moves, for your viewing pleasure.