When you’re in the early stages of building a personal brand, it’s easy get overwhelmed comparing yourself to mega brands that make it look so easy. But aspiring creatives, listen up: Building a successful brand is all about staying true to who you are and what makes you unique. Here to teach you more is creative designer Meg Lewis in her online class, Build Your Brand Identity (now open for pre-registration!).


This class is definitely not about creating a phony version of yourself. It’s about standing out by highlighting what no other brand has: YOU.

In Meg’s online class, you’ll learn how to crank up the volume on what makes your brand special, including how to define your business, figure out what makes you awesome and use that to create a personal mission statement. You’ll even translate your personal brand into a visual mood board and set branding guidelines for yourself. The result will be a brand that you’re ready to take public!

Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • Create a two-sentence definition of your brand
  • Pinpoint what sets you apart
  • Define your brand mission based on what you value
  • Create client personas
  • Define the emotions your brand evokes and express that emotion with a mood board
  • Create a visual style guide

Ready to roll? Fill out the simple Typeform below with some basic info, and you’ll get early access to the class at a discounted price. Just keep an eye out for an email from us letting you know when the class is ready!

Make sure to sign-up today! Pre-registration for this class ended at 12pm PST on 7/25.

In case you aren’t familiar with how our classes work: Once you buy it, it’s yours forever. That means you can watch at your own pace and reference it whenever you need to!

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