Congratulations! Someone you know and care about has gotten some new (or newly repaired!) digs — what an exciting life event to share and celebrate with them. Now all you’ve gotta do is decide what gift will be the perfect addition to this special someone’s new home. Below, we’re sharing some of the best housewarming gifts that absolutely anyone will love.


1. Idlewild Co. Fresh Picks Market List ($10): Grocery lists don’t have to be ugly and boring. Help your friend keep track of everything they need for their new abode’s kitchen on this colorful market list.


2. Acme Party Box Co. Gold Cocktail Shaker ($54): Some new digs certainly call for celebrations, and celebrations call for fun and fancy cocktail shakers like this golden one right here. Somehow everything that comes out of it just tastes better.


3. Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kits ($17): Whenever the madness of moving dies down, this gift will give your friend the chance to grow her very own herbs and spices — a gift that keeps on giving and yields tasty food to boot.

etc bucket

4. Maika Etc. Canvas Bucket ($12): One thing that a new house means is clutter. There’s just no way to get away from it— except with adorable canvas buckets like these. Post ’em up in a corner, and just toss miscellaneous things in them before they even get a chance to become clutter.


5. Rifle Paper Co. Polka Dot Recipe Box and Cards ($34): The greatest thing about this dotted box (besides the lovely gold and black color scheme) is that it’s the full set, not just the box or the cards. It comes ready to rock and capture all of your recipe ideas — just add a pen.

note candle

6. Mine Design Noted Soy Candle ($24): Gift this sweet smelling candle with a “Welcome home!” note scribbled on it. They’ll love it, we promise.

sand terrarium

7. Brit + Co Sand Art Terrarium Kit ($29): Terrariums are all the rage, and it’s just not hard to see why — they incorporate nature and design in a really excellent way. This colorful sand art approach to terrarium style looks good in any surrounding.


8. Organization Essentials Twilight Cotton Hamper ($30): Ugly plastic hampers with weird cut out designs on the front? No, thank you, especially if this fabulous thing is available. You definitely won’t mind guests getting a glimpse of this beauty.


9. Nine-Piece Nest Set ($50): This nine-piece set of nesting bowls and measuring spoons fit so nicely together and saves so much space that they’ll stay a staple of your kitchen accessories for years to come.

bird house

10. Seedling DIY Bird House ($30): Housewarming gifts don’t always have to be for the indoors. Craft this thing with love and it makes the perfect housewarming gift, since it also comes with the presence of chirping birds at no extra cost.


11. Talisman Butter Me Up Dish ($20): Butter dishes are one of those things that can seem unimportant and maybe even useless until you get one — then you realize how handy they really are. No more too-cold butter wrecking your toast anymore.

agate coaster kit

12. Brit + Co Agate Slice Coasters Kit ($39): You can put this kit together beforehand, or just gift it to your friend in raw form — it’ll give her an excuse to take a break from the madness of moving in and get creative for a little bit (which can really be a lifesaver).


13. Izola Explore Water Bottle ($42): Moving into a new place can be scary when it feels so permanent. Remind your special someone that the adventure never ends even when new digs are involved, with this adventure-ready water bottle.

What are some of the best housewarming gifts you’ve given or received? Tell us about them on Twitter @BritandCo!