Moving into a new space presents the exciting challenge of decorating a whole new space. As a friend, you can have a big part in this process by giving a housewarming gift that’s sure to make it a move to remember. We’ve rounded up 14 amazing gifts from our shop that anyone would love to receive.

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1. Cheese Board Kit ($50): This gift is just as perfect for entertaining guests as it is for quiet living room picnics. The best part? You get to add your own designs! Need a little inspiration? We’ve got some wood burning tips, tricks and examples right here.

2. Neighbors Doormat ($50): Friends look out for friends’ digs. This might not be an instant hit with the neighbors, but a theft-proof home begins with this doormat.

3. Custom Address Stamp ($44): An easy way for the couple to spruce up their snail mail, this stamp can be tailor-made for any personality with a dozen hand-drawn style options to choose from.

4. Custom Home State Return Address Stamp ($60): These return address stamps are hand-lettered, available for all 50 states, and a perfect way for anyone to show they’re proud to live in the great state of… well, you name it.

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5. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): If your Instagram feed is bombarded with posts of your friend’s pup, maybe it’s time you turned one of those pics into an accent pillow.

6. Old Fashioned Cocktail Set ($79): For the whiskey lover, this set has all the tools they’ll need to get their home bar well underway, and to start cranking out the kinds of cocktails that would make Don Draper proud.

7. Etched Whiskey Tumblers Kit ($40): Speaking of cocktails, a good drink is only as good as the glassware it’s served in. Etch it any way you please; we’ve got your back with this nifty tutorial.

8. Triangle Copabu Bowl ($88): This is an awesome home staple and perfect gift, especially if you fill it with homemade Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies.

9. Leeo Smart Alert ($99): Sure, in terms of housewarming gifts it’s not as traditional as a batch of cookies. But this handy little plug-in gadget connects to their phone to let them know if their smoke or carbon monoxide alarms go off while they’re away. Now there’s something a batch of cookies can’t do.

10. USA Shaped Cutting Board ($48): This bamboo cutting board serves as a decorative and practical reminder that where they are, and wherever they left behind, really aren’t that far away after all.

11. You Cook, I’ll Clean Tea Towels ($42): Because there’s no “i” in tea towels, these soft twill ones are just the ticket to set the precedent elegantly.

12. Chalkboard United States Map ($85): A perfect gift for pals who are always on the move. They can mark this chalkboard map up with details on where they’ve been, where they are and where they’re dreaming of going.

13. Grapefruit Honey Ale Beer Kit ($40): Give them this kit in the hopes that by the time the beer is ready, they’ll have you over for a tasting party. Voila: It’s the gift that gives back.

14. DIY Romantic Dinner for 2 ($30): For the first night in, there’s no better way for a couple to break in a new home than by cooking a meal together. This three-course gourmet meal in a box makes it easy.

Which of these would you love to receive as a housewarming gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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