There is something inexplicably captivating about the idea of an enchanted forest. It’s timeless and charming, but also has an eminent dark side. Whether we’re watching Game of Thrones or reading Snow White, we can’t help but wish we could click our heels three times and be transported into those mystical wonderlands. But unfortunately the Seven Dwarves’ home cannot be found on Google Maps, so we’re left to create our own masterpiece for a party or event in order to embrace the magic. Check out these 18 inspiring ideas for an enchanted woodland party that none of your guests will forget.

1. Low Key Decor: The beauty of nature speaks for itself in this display. We love how they kept things simple on the table to let the foliage do the talking. (via Wedding Chicks)

2. Firefly Lights: Wrap battery operated tea lights in sparkly tulle to create magical, glowing jars. (via Tiny Prints)

3. Packaged Food: If you’re going to eat in the woods, a picnic is really the only way to go. Pre-packaged food also makes for a super easy cleanup. (via Aesthetic Nest)

4. Take the Woods Inside: Who says a magical forest party has to be outdoors? With this beautifully lush display you’ll never know the difference. The mismatched chairs and antique lace tablecloth add a perfectly disheveled yet chic vibe. (via Grey Likes Weddings)

5. Floating Candles: These mason jar lights are just as easy to make as they look. Pour water and marbles into a mason jar, tie a decorative ribbon around the top, drop in the floating candle and voila! A romantic, mystical dinner table. (via Emmaline Bride)

6. Tree Slice Wood Coasters ($33): Plastic coasters are for suckers. Go full forest with these cute little guys.

7. Magic Mushroom Caprese: You can never really have enough adorable appetizers. (via Cup of Sugar Pinch of Salt)

8. Lightbulb Terrarium: Send your attendees home with a little piece of personalized nature. What a perfect way to repurpose old light bulbs! (via The Knotty Bride)

9. Moss Pot: Moss is an essential element for an authentic, outdoors feel. This tutorial uses a wooden bowl, cement and dried or peat moss for a centerpiece you will continue to enjoy after the party. (via Once Wed)

10. Waldorf Salad: No other salad is more appropriate for an enchanted woodland party than this one. Filled with apples, nuts and leafy greens, it looks like it just came out of the forest itself. (via Young Austinian)

11. Tree Stump Cupcake Stand: Make your dessert become one with nature by using this earthy cake display. (via The Lovely Cupboard)

12. Glitter Accented Decor: We love this whimsical touch to the woodland theme. These glitter accented glasses and serving platter are a perfect example of manmade meeting au natural. (via Bloom Design Online)

13. Toadstool Cupcakes: We are obsessed with these cute cupcakes. Use a chocolate cake recipe and red and white fondant frosting to make these magical woodland mushrooms. (via Catch My Party)

14. Pinecone Place Card Holders ($36): Show your guests to their seats in the most woodsy way possible. For a budget friendly option, go foraging for pinecones in your own neighborhood.

15. Apple Cider Punch: Keep things classy with glass, but rustic with an old timey punch dispenser. (via Social Graces)

16. Acorn Donut Holes: Somebody tell all the squirrels that they’ve been eating the wrong kind of acorns. To make these adorable little treats, dip half of a frosted donut hole in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Then poke a pretzel stick through the center. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

17. Candy Apples: They didn’t work out so well for Snow White, but we’re predicting a more delicious outcome for you and your party guests. (via Just a Taste)

18. Colored Twig Pencils ($15): A party so good your guests are going to have to write about it. A host so prepared she already has pencils ready. Your standard yellow school pencils ain’t got nothin’ on these beauties.

Are you planning an enchanted event anytime soon? Which of these ideas will you be incorporating into your next woodland party? Leave us your thoughts below or on Facebook.