If you thought the cactus was big this year, you would be right: There were cactus marshmallow peeps, cactus-themed parties and cactus-shaped pillows. Indoor cacti offer that Southwestern vibe that’s totally trending right now, plus they’re practically un-killable and come in a variety of shapes and colors that are SO on point. Watch out, fiddle leaf fig tree — this prickly plant is totally slaying online as the trendiest house plant this year. Ready to start double-tapping all that spiky goodness? Scroll down to see how Instagram showed us that cacti are the trendiest plants of 2016.

1. Festive Cactus: Yup, Christmas trees are out and cactus trees are in. You probably don’t want to decorate a real one with lights (ouch!), but this paper mache version is easy to put together and looks SO cool.

2. Neon Lit: Maybe it’s the color or maybe it’s the quirky shapes. Either way, cacti and neon go together like PB&J. In 2017, a neon plant might be just the thing for a cubicle office with no natural light.

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3. One Fine Apple: If your tiny porch can’t handle a large plant, you’ll love the more restrained size of the cactus. It’s tall and slender, so you can still get a statement plant without overwhelming your decor. Oh, and you can dress it up.

4. Cact-astic Display: You’ve always wanted a garden, but maybe you have a hard time keeping the real deal alive… no judgement here! In 2016 we saw cacti become the one kind of plant that could brighten up your indoor garden. Leave ’em on your shelves for 2017 — they don’t hold a grudge if you forget to water them.

5. Desk Stylin’: Bring a dose of color to your workspace with a collection of cacti. Group three of them together on a tray for a cool coffee table vignette or set them up at different heights for an extra snazzy display.

6. Bedroom Chic: The best part about the cactus is how well it plays around with other textures. Faux fur? Sure! Shibori indigo? Why not. Seriously, there really isn’t a bad way to display these plants.

7. Gold Dipped: Depending on the size plant you want, cacti can be a real statement maker. When you want to take it to the next level, upgrade with a minimalistic DIY plant stand that’s sure to transform your space.

8. Weave and Poke: Embroidery was another trend that we LOVED this year, so it only makes sense to combine the trendiest plant with the hippest DIY project. Plus, you get to stick the needle in the cactus, rather than vice versa.

9. Minty Fresh: Even though they look kinda deadly, cacti popped up on nightstands all over Pinterest and Insta. They’re perfect for small spaces because the vertical leaves don’t take up much room. Plus, they look stunning standing alone, but also pair well with your other succulents and candles.

10. Boho Basket: Seeing double? Gotta love the cactus candle holder on the nightstand. This is one trend you’ll see remaining strong in 2017.

11. Sweet and Spiky: When we said cacti ruled Instagram this year, we were serious. They’re almost like a pet: You can dress them up in anything from sunglasses to mini pastel marshmallows.

12. Get Glowin’: Cacti look amazing decorated for the holidays. Bring on the string lights and ornaments — this cactus is getting LIT.

13. Tasty Greens: Not just for the garden anymore, cacti popped up all over our kitchens too. Whether you were craving cactus sugar cookies, cactus marshmallows or a cactus cake, you were guaranteed some fab green frosting and a lot of sprinkles.

14. Terrarium Bliss: If you occasionally forget to take care of your plants, cacti are your BFF. These cute desert plants really amped up indoor gardens this year, especially when grouped together in a glass terrarium.

15. Metallic Planters: Cactus plants look fabulous both indoors and out. They’ll continue to make a statement in your 2017 living room — play around with different pots, planters and cloches for a modern, cohesive look.

16. Pastel Chic: While the cactus looks good paired with other plants, there’s no denying it’s also stunning on its own. The dramatic shapes create a dynamic look for a living space with a minimalist vibe.

17. Put a Pin in It: A pin cushion shaped like a cactus? Where the pins become the cactus spikes?? Too cute for words.

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18. Floating High: The 2016 trend for Cinco de Mayo parties was to break out the cactus-inspired decor. And it didn’t just stop at the piñata! Cactus balloons took the trendy li’l plant to new heights.

19. Halloween Pumps: Cacti made a striking appearance during Halloween in pumpkin form. This was probably one of the cutest no-carve pumpkin ideas of the year.

20. Un-killable for Real: These ceramic cacti take “unkillable” to a whole new level. But they are just SO adorable. Set a couple of these up on your nightstand and you’ll never poke yourself while digging around for your phone charger.

21. Mid-Century Chic: Cacti aren’t just for your desk. Elevate your favorite new plant with a leggy plant stand that gives the display a fresh and modern upgrade. It’s just the thing to bring life to an awkward corner.

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22. Color Blocked: Mini cacti showed us they’re just the right size to bring a pop of color to your desk or nightstand. If you dig the modern geometric trend, the spikes and quirky shapes give the right dose of color and texture to any space, especially when paired with splashy planters.

23. Shelfie Garden: Curate the prettiest indoor garden ever with a mix of colors, textures and sizes. Spiky cacti look stylish in any apartment or perched on a shelf, especially paired with mini succulents and air plants.

24. Yummy Batch: Sugar cookies definitely became a year-round treat, and these cacti are a brilliant way to turn your fave house plant into edible form. Use royal icing to get the perfect shade of green and pipe tiny dots and spikes with white frosting.

What are your feelings on the cactus? If you’re looking for more indoor gardening ideas, follow us on Pinterest for more plant inspo!