We were all shocked when news broke that Camila Cabello had left Fifth Harmony (including the other four ladies in the group), but now the former 5H-er is starting to reveal why she broke up with the gal-band. Though we鈥檙e sure it was more than just one issue behind the scenes, Camila has just given us the deets around the sexualized sitch that made her uncomfortable in Fifth Harmony.

Camila Cabello

Deciding to give the scoop to Lena Dunham for her (now-infamous controversy-sparking) Lenny Letter, Camila explained, 鈥溾B]eing a girl group, there鈥檚 been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualize us to just get more attention. Unfortunately, sex sells. There鈥檚 definitely been times where there鈥檚 stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I鈥檝e had to put my foot down.鈥

Joining the group when she was just 15 years old, the now 19-year-old Camilia continued, 鈥淚 feel like it鈥檚 been tricky because we鈥檝e had to grow into ourselves while being in front of the world and while making songs that did have a lot of sexual undertones.鈥

Fifth Harmony

Though she wanted to be clear, saying, 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing wrong with showing sexuality. If you have that inside, it鈥檚 just an expression of who you are. If you want to share that with people, that鈥檚 amazing.鈥

But her whole point is that girls and women should not do anything that makes them uncomfortable, ending her thoughts with, 鈥淚 think the thing that I would say to young women is, if you鈥檙e not ready for it, put your foot down.鈥

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