Everyone wants a zen wedding day, but not everyone gets it. Sometimes the caterer doesn’t show up, the ceremony is rained out or, in the case of this bride and groom, the wedding rings are stolen. But rather than freak out, this pair made the most of their misfortune and have some hilarious pictures to show for it.


According to a story featured on Today.com, Mandy Grogg and husband Ryan Williams opted to wear Ring Pops during their ceremony last month in Kansas City, Missouri, after their wedding bands were stolen from a FedEx truck on the way back from being resized. The bride’s engagement ring, which was sent to the jeweler for cleaning, was also lifted from the truck.

The couple was offered fake rings to wear until they replaced the real ones, but the groom said they opted to find some humor in the situation and wear candy rings instead. Today reports that the couple not only bought the Ring Pops for themselves, but also had extra for friends and family to wear. Luckily, the bride already has a new wedding band, and a replacement engagement ring is on the way. The groom is still waiting for his band, but hopefully it will arrive any day.

This story is a good reminder that something may go wrong on your wedding day, but what really matters is how you react to it.

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(h/t Today, photos via Getty + Indium Photo)