Forget weekend morning cartoons — this Sunday morning is all about DANCE. These videos will make you smile, laugh, cry and bust a move down memory lane. This is video editor Robert Jones‘ third installment in the We Can Dance series, and it is definitely the most epic one to date.

Now, rather than tell you about the dozens of movies you are about to add to your Netflix queue, let’s roll the video(tape)!

We Can Dance, Part Three: Set to the super peppy track “Tongues” by Joywave, this incredible supercut features 93 iconic movie dance scenes, ranging from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Chunk doing the truffle shuffle in Goonies. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene here, but the MJ impromptu dance in “13 Going on 30” is always a good one ;)

Because we love you, we’ll go ahead and include parts one and two of this epic dance series.

We Can Dance, Part One: The first installment of this series was set to “The Safety Dance,” obvs.

We Can Dance, Part Two: And finally, queue up the Pointer Sisters and get ready to do the neutron dance.

What’s your favorite movie dance scene? Was it included in any of these video mashups? Talk to us in the comments below.