Working out is just about the last thing you want to do when you have your period. (No, wait — it is the last thing.) Even if you feel like Jabba the Hutt during your time of the month, or you’re trapped in a PMS pit of despair, moving your body is one of the best ways to deal with it. Mild exercise boosts your mood and can even help combat symptoms like cramps, bloating, headaches and indigestion. So no excuses, ladies: Consult Instagram for some fitness inspo, get off the couch and get moving with these 13 fun workouts.


1. Have an Impromptu Dance Party: Peruse Spotify playlists, put on your favorite 1970s R+B on vinyl or simply blast the radio and shake it (cute, colorful background optional.) Solo or with friends, clothed or not — hey, we won’t judge! (Image via Lovely Indeed)


2. Rediscover Hopscotch: Who knew organized jumping could be so enjoyable? Turns out this recess fave holds up. Grab your sidewalk chalk and head outside, or bring it indoors with this playful hopscotch rug. (Image via Apartment Therapy)


3. Do the Couch Potato Workout: Heck yeah, you can get some exercise while you channel surf or binge on Netflix. PopSugar Fitness has the scoop on living room-friendly dips and crunches you won’t mind doing during your Friends marathon.


4. Yard Games FTW: If the weather is nice, head outside for some good, old-fashioned fun in the sun. Gnome bowling and Twister hardly seem like a workout, right? (Image via Design*Sponge)


5. Get Centered Sans Sweat: Meditation is a great way to beat stress and feel better and more centered all-around, while T’ai Chi will get your mental and physical energy flowing. Sure, there’s no sweat involved, but consider both of these activities the equivalent of an industrial-sized chill pill. (Image via Lifescape Solutions)

Colorful bowling balls

6. Go Bowling: Not only will it get you up and moving around, but knocking down all those pins is also pretty therapeutic. Plus, bowling alleys usually have bars, so that’s a bonus. Get thee to your local lanes for some friendly competition.


7. Use an Exercise Ball: You know that thing that’s been sitting in the corner of your bedroom, gathering laundry piles and dust bunnies? Just a few quick moves can be a good mini-workout for your core, and using it as a stretching aide can help with lower-back pain. (Image via Skinny Mom)


8. Swimming: Whether you do laps or just splash around, water’s weightlessness effect will feel downright blissful when you’re bloated and crabby. Plus, negative ions create positive vibes. Super groovy. (Image via Curves in Color)

Yoga With Adrienne

9. Yin Yoga: This more meditative, passive, focused spin on yoga can help ease anxiety and stress. If the thought of flowing through vinyasa with Aunt Flo in tow sounds truly awful, try Yin, which generally moves at a much slower pace. (Image via Yoga with Adriene)


10. Hula Hooping: Hoop like nobody’s watching, and just see if your mood doesn’t improve immediately. (Image via Hoopnotica)


11. Channel Your Inner Child: Hang with your mini-me for an afternoon (or borrow someone else’s mini-me) and you’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget all about those pesky cramps. We guarantee you’ll be moving around — A LOT. (Image via Kane and Social)


12. Take a Lazy Bike Ride: Even if it’s just to the store to replenish your candy supply, a bike ride will get your heart pumping (no matter how slow you go) and get your lungs and brain some much-needed oxygen. First, pimp your pedals with some easy DIYs. (Image via Always Rooney)


13. Find a Four-Legged Friend: The mere presence of a pooch has many benefits, including lowered stress and anxiety. Even the crabbiest, cramp-iest among us can’t resist taking Fido or Fifi for a walk. If you don’t have a dog, ask to test-drive a friend’s pup. (Image via My So-Called Crafty Life)

What activities get you moving and make you feel better when Aunt Flo is in town? Tell us in the comments below!