Thanksgiving equals feasting and some of you brave souls might currently be in the kitchen firing up your stoves for the meal of your lives. But hey, we can’t all be domestic gods and goddesses. Unless you’re Martha Stewart or Chrissy Teigen, at one point or another in your life, you’ve likely made a kitchen fail (I’ve got one where a pan of cookies turned into a pan of cookie singular — a charred, flat sheet of cookie). Therefore, Carrie Underwood’s Thanksgiving fail is a sight that is all too familiar.


For the fall holiday, the country singer attempted to bake a pumpkin pie. Instead, this is the concoction that emerged from her oven. The “Heartbeat” singer posted this image on her social media account along with the caption, “On tomorrow’s menu…pumpkin failure a la mode.#thanksgivingfail #sad #nodessert#smokedetector #ineedanewoven.” Pumpkin failure a la mode! Oh, man, Carrie, at least you’re handling your Thanksgiving fail with some good jokes?!

This brings up a major hosting tip to keep in mind: Make sure you know your oven or whatever appliance you’re relying on before a major event. It’s also always good to test drive before the big day. Don’t worry, Carrie, just do what many of us do. Go pick up your pie at a local shop. No one will be any wiser ;)

Have you ever failed miserably trying to cook up something for the holidays? Share your story below!

(Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty + @carrieunderwood)