Permanent jewelry may seem like an odd trend, but if you think long and hard, it’s probably always been a part a part of your life. Think about that heirloom necklace you never remove, the studs you were given as a baby that you never take out, or even your wedding band, in theory. Catbird, the renowned indie jewelry store in NYC, is taking that concept a step further and offering jewelry that is designed to become a part of your life forever.

The boutique is launching a brand-new Welding Annex, located at 540 Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn, and for just $94, you can walk away with your own forever piece, like the Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet. The accessory is a slim, glimmering 14K chain that is welded onto your wrist by one of Catbird’s own jewelers.

There are a couple of things to note. First of all, they don’t take appointments, but walk-ins are welcome. Just expect a wait, because the new jewelry is a total hit. Owner Rony Vardi told Vogue, “We tested [the concept] with our customers at a ‘one night only’ event and had a really overwhelming turnout. Lots of women came in together for a best friends’ bracelet ritual.”

Secondly, if you’ve ever had a reaction to 14K gold, this look is probably not for you. The bracelet requires no maintenance, so no cleaning is required. All sales are final, of course. And while the bracelet doesn’t come with any clasps, you can remove it with a pair of scissors, but doing so is permanent as well. But in case you’re not in NYC or prefer to have the removable version, the Sweet Nothing Bracelet ($94) is available online for the same price.

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(Photo via Catbird)