If you鈥檙e active on Instagram, chances are you鈥檝e seen Fashion Nova in your feed 鈥 and most likely you saw the brand on a few of your fave celebs. At first, we assumed that it must be sponsored spam; surely all these stars were being paid to hawk the affordable wares. But the more It-girls that vouched for it (curvy queens Kylie Jenner, LaLa Anthony, and Khloe Kardashian among them), the more we decided we needed to take a closer look.

The 鈥渃urvy鈥 part actually has a lot to do with why the LA-based label has skyrocketed, not just in terms of Insta-fame but in repeat customers. They carry a huge range of trend-forward straight size styles and boast an extensive 鈥淧lus Size and Curve鈥 section where styles run up to a size 3X. As Founder and CEO Richard Saghian told Essence, 鈥淭he Fashion Nova woman is a confident, beautiful, and stylish presence. She is proud of her body and loves to let her personality shine鈥ashion should never be limited to size. We saw a market that was being neglected and we decided to act on it.鈥

That explains why women have been flocking to the site in droves to scoop up their of-the-moment pieces. It鈥檚 also why @FashionNova has eight million Instagram followers 鈥 and @FashionNovaCurve is creeping closer to one million followers every day. This brand gives the people what they want. And what they want, it turns out, is affordable clothes that fit 鈥 and celebrate 鈥 real bodies. Um, duh.

While their aesthetic leans heavily toward Kardashian-approved body con, Fashion Nova鈥檚 appeal to real women doesn鈥檛 just come in the form of club dresses and thigh-high boots (though they鈥檙e there if you want 鈥檈m. The Jodi Dress is among their best sellers). The denim selection is consistently a must-buy, and there鈥檚 a vast array of on-trend items like embroidered anoraks, cheeky one-piece bathing suits, and furry slides. If you鈥檝e seen it on an It-Girl, Fashion Nova likely has their own look-for-less version.

Make no mistake, this might not be the place to shop if you鈥檙e a bit more conservative 鈥 though we have a feeling you鈥檇 find something (with such a huge selection, the odds are in our favor. Who couldn鈥檛 use a pair of nude sandals?). If you鈥檙e looking to have fun with trends and show off your shape, however, Fashion Nova might just be the mother ship.

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