Assembly line workers, teachers and food services professionals… In a world where so many people work jobs that require them to be on their feet all day, the “Chairolution” is a seriously welcome arrival. Noonee, a Zurich-based startup, has created the Chairless Chair (yep, you read that right), a device that attaches to your legs to allow you to comfortably assume a seated position whenever and wherever you want.

The Chairless Chair straps to your hips and thighs and bends with your every move, deeming itself a versatile and functional device. It allows you to walk and move normally, but also to sit comfortably when you’re tired. With just the push of a button, everything locks into place to produce a resting place that goes with you wherever you want it to.

Keith Gunura, the co-founder and CEO of Noonee, came up with the idea for the Chairless Chair after working in a UK packaging factory as a teenager. Standing for hours on end can cause your body a lot of stress, and, in some jobs, access to seating is seriously limited (even on breaks!). So whether you’re standing on the train during a daily commute or working on your feet all day, this device gives your body a chance to rest and your muscles a chance to relax. Chairless Chair production trials are set to start in Germany with BMW in September and with Audi later this year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Check out this video from Noonee that shows how the Chairless Chair works:

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(h/t CNN)