You don’t have to look a fool on Halloween. If you want to dress up as a giant carton of milk, or the world’s largest loofa, we are fully behind you on that, but we know that’s not everyone’s cup of high class tea. If you’re a fan of festive attire that’s more fashionable than funny, we’ve got news for YOU: Charlotte Olympia has debuted a limited edition, capsule collection titled “Trick or Treat,” which consists entirely of super high end, Halloween-themed goodies.

Prepare yourself for swooning.

Featuring orange candy wrapper heels, glow-in-the-dark kitten loafers and spider covered handbags, these pieces beautifully merge stylish design with Halloween classics. The collection is seven pieces in total (four pairs of shoes and three handbags) and ranges in price from $495 for a spider pouch to (gulp) $1,495 for a pair of black suede heels complete with gold metal critters.

Coming in at almost half a grand, this definitely isn’t the cheapest way to dress up for Halloween, but these pieces are so pretty we have a good feeling you’ll be wearing them long past October 31st. Or at least every Halloween for the rest of your life ;)

What Halloween-themed collections are you shopping right now? Share a link with us below!

(h/t Refinery29)