There鈥檚 nothing we love more after a long, hard day of work than a good glass of vino. Nothing, that is, except a great deal on said glass鈥 er, bottle. (For $6, who could resist? Don鈥檛 judge.)


While we鈥檝e managed to amass a pretty stellar list of summer wines under $30 and affordable BBQ-ready selections, turns out, there鈥檚 one factor that we might be overlooking when it comes to getting the most bang for our buck on our favorite after-hours beverage: the day of the week we purchase it.

According to tech research company Ibotta, which studied 50 million consumer receipts over a three year period, wine is cheapest on Tuesdays, closely followed by Mondays 鈥 and the same logic apparently rings true for all the beer drinkers out there.


It kindaaaaa makes sense if you think about it 鈥 most people tend to imbibe heavier on the weekends. Incidentally, demand for alcohol is at a high on the weekends (making it the most pricey, if you follow economics), and at a low on 鈥 you guessed it! 鈥 Mondays and Tuesdays, making it the cheapest.

Handy info to have when you鈥檙e stocking up for a party or your own personal collection, no? In fact, we think we鈥檒l take a whole CASE!

鈥ext Tuesday, that is.

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(h/t Elite Daily, photos via B+C)