We’ll take ’em any way we can get them — Crunchy, Puffy, Baked, Flamin’ Hot, even “All Natural.” We love our cheesysnacks here at Brit + Co, and we’ve found an Instagram account dedicated to art found in a Cheetos bag, Cheese Curls of Instagram. The mechanical engineer behind this cheese curl art told Yahoo Canada News how it all began: “Last spring I was working on an invention at home. I would get so into the project that I didn’t want to stop to prepare food, so I reached for a bag of Cheetos.” And in it… he found art.

These ‘grams will have you rummaging through your own bag, and we won’t even judge you when we peer over and see you cleaning that neon-orange cheetle (the powdery residue left on your fingers) from your keyboard. But before you start doing the deep dive on Chester, here are some of the best pieces to inspire your artistic appetite.

It all started with a Sasquatch sighting.

Nothing like a neon-orange cheese curl hairdryer for a perfect blowout! Yes, please!

The one is aptly titled, “Two Monkeys Give Each Other a High Five.”

And then there’s “The Uncurled Prehensile Tail of This West Australian Seahorse is a Sign of Confidence in His Swimming Ability.” This is National Geographic kind of stuff, people!

Oh, and how about “Save the Drama for Your Llama!”

This collection wouldn’t be complete without a depiction of evolution, titled,”By Means of Natural Selection, Life Has Flourished in the Evolutionary History of Primates and the Emergence of Homo Sapiens as a Distinct Species of Hominids.”

And if “Australian Cowboy, Jamie Manning, Breaks The World Record by Riding This Mechanical Bull For 2 minutes, 4.49 Seconds” has you wanting more, head over to @cheesecurlsofinstagram and join the 30,000+ followers who can’t get enough.

What shapes have you seen in your food? Leave us a comment!