We all remember the good old days of ‘N SYNC and the Backstreet Boys. When Britney Spears + JT strutted down the red carpet in matching denim outfits. When inflatable chairs were all the rage and we all wondered what in the world was in a Wonder Ball (even though we knew that they were Sweet Tarts every time). Keepin’ with the nostalgic vibe, we decided to turn back time and recreate some of our favorite childhood snacks.

1. Dunkaroos: No doubt you can remember the satisfying taste of a Dunkaroos cracker smothered in icing. And now that you have to pack your own lunch, you’re probably thinking, “Where the heck can I get some Dunkaroos?” Well, it turns out you can make ‘em yourself, and it’s pretty easy too. (Video via Dylan Barth)

2. Pizza Lunchables: Make all your coworkers jealous of your lunch with this homemade adult-sized pizza recipe. After seeing your amazing lunch, they’ll definitely rethink the crummy ham and cheese sandwiches they always bring. (Video via Alex Waxenbaum)

3. Frosted Animal Crackers: When you were a little kid, it felt like forever counting down the minutes until lunchtime so you could start snacking on the frosted animal crackers in your Sesame Street lunchbox. But now that you’re an adult and can eat whenever and wherever you want, it’s time to bring back that same childhood joy to snack time. (Video via Samantha Ho)

4. Fruit by the Foot: As great as most of these throwbacks are, they’re not so healthy. That’s where this homemade Fruit by the Foot recipe comes in to save the day. It’s healthier for you because it’s not filled with artificial ingredients and scary things that you can’t even pronounce. The best part is you can experiment with the recipe and use any fruit your heart desires. (Video via Robert Arrasate)

5. Cup O’ Dirt: Growing up, childhood birthday parties wouldn’t have been complete if you weren’t munching on a cup o’ dirt. Get down and dirty and enjoy this tasty treat – worms and all – just like you did at Jimmy’s 8th birthday party. (Video via Alex Waxenbaum)

6. Pop-Tarts: As the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast, Pop-Tarts were your favorite ticket to sugary heaven. And why stop there? It’s time to get back on that breakfast train. With this recipe, you’ll rescue your wallet and be able to make a personalized batch of whatever flavor you want. Just think: wild-berry frosted, strawberry filled AND rainbow sprinkled. #Gameon (Video via Samantha Ho)

7. Twinkies: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s nothing quite like the Twinkie. It’s got a simple glory to it: Yellow cake filled with cream. And it ain’t half bad bad deep fried, either. As it turns out, the snack’s simplicity makes it pretty easy to replicate on your own. With this recipe, you’ll have your own batch of steaming fresh Twinkies in no time. (Video via Thomas Sireci)

8. Cookie Crisp: Out of all the sugary cereals General Mills and Kellogg’s have blessed us with, Cookie Crisp holds a special place in our hearts. We mean, who wouldn’t want a bowl of chocolate-chip cookies for breakfast? Start your morning off right with this sweet ‘n’ crunchy treat. (Video via Dylan Barth)

Do you have any throwback recipes? Let us know in the comments!