Knit season is in full force. If it’s made of yarn, we want to wear it. And if it’s food themed, we definitely want to wear it. Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly on Instagram) has taken to crocheting headwear in the shapes of various foods, dishes and condiments, and we’re pretty sure that this could be the start of something big.


1. Pepperoni Party: We’re not sure why Phil doesn’t look totally stoked, because this is one of our favorites.


2. Hamburger Hood: This was one of Phil’s first designs on Instagram, and it’s a statement maker — probably not ideal for vegetarians though.


3. Bangers and Mash Cap: This UK dish (though the artist lives in Melbourne) is the perfect shape for headwear.


4. Eggs and Bacon Sweatband: When you start the morning off with protein, you can defeat anyone on the court.


5. Fortune Cookie Ear Warmer: If you’ve got this thing keeping your ears toasty, then you sure are lucky.


6. Cupcake Topper: With all of these amazing creations under his belt at only 22, just imagine what a buffet he’ll have a year from now.


7. Tea Time Pillbox Hat: You think Kate Middleton would wear this the next time she sits down for a cup of tea? Here’s hoping.


8. Sushi Roll Ski Mask: Okay, maybe this wasn’t made to be worn on the slopes, but it would totally keep your head nice and toasty.


9. Fruit Loop Headpiece: Going for something a bit more avant grade? Top your dome with this classic breakfast.


10. Condiment Crown: This would definitely make for the perfect finish to a foodie Halloween costume.


11. Hotdog Helmet: In the battle against hunger, this won’t really help you at all, but you’d look smashing in it.


12. Dome-nut: This may be our favorite of all. Partly because we love any excuse to eat sweets in the morning and also because it has sprinkles.

What food item would you like to see @chiliphilly crochet next? Let us know in the comments and follow him on Instagram!