Chrissy Teigen defines all sorts of goals for us. She has us exciting for her cookbook and dinner in gen (#CookingGoals), her perfect hair (#HairGoals) regularly gives us inspo for the salon and we’re all-in-all pretty obsessed with her fun marriage with John Legend (#RelationshipGoals).

She recently added #HaterDealingGoals to her repertoire when she shut down body shamers on Instagram and Twitter. Teigen shared with US Weekly that she tries to read every comment she gets on her social media feeds. “Probably 99.5% of the comments I do read,” she dished. But what really bugs her about this interaction is the people who post mean things to get a rise out of her and then totally change their tune when she responds to them. “The worst is when you respond and they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t think you would read that! I love you! Oh my god!’,” she says, “like, that’s the worst.”

The anonymous nature of certain social media can make it easy for haters to voice their opinions loudly with few repercussions. Chrissy compares the flame wars that are targeted at her to “going to somebody’s house, knocking on the door and being like, ‘You’re fat,'” which is obviously sooo not okay.

Lately celebs have been giving us a crash course on what not to do in social media. From T.Swift prematurely freaking out on Twitter to Nicki Minaj to this it’s clear that all of us need to take a deep breath and a chill pill before posting anything online.

Chrissy has one last bit of advice for the haters: “I don’t know if they think they’re ballsy or what. But if you’re going to speak negatively about me, just do me a favor and don’t tag me in it.”

Do everyone a favor and just don’t write it.

What do you do when haters step on your vibe? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t US Weekly, photos via @chrissyteigen)