Domestic goddess, supermodel and mama-to-be Chrissy Teigen is at it again — making us salivate over her delicious-looking food. And she’s back with good reason. Thanksgiving is TOMORROW (it’s okay to dance). Not surprisingly, Chrissy’s fave holiday is Thanksgiving because, according to her blog So Delushious, “1, the food, but 2, I live for painfully awkward family interactions and stories you can share for years to come.” Chrissy’s quick to clarify she’s talking about the stories she hears from friends, because her own fam is pretty “mellow.”


The author of the most anticipated cookbook of 2016 declared on her blog that she believes the ham and the turkey “are like the side dishes” and that “the sides — those amazing, savory, sweet, spicy, buttery, bready and veggie sides — are the stars of a Thanksgiving meal.” Which is why this year, Chrissy shared her recipe for turkey and ham + 13 different side recipes with her fans — yes, 13. Holy cow, is there anything this woman can’t do?


And boy, oh boy, her menu certainly sounds tantalizing. There’s everything from Yukon gold smashed potatoes — or smashies, in Chrissy-speak — with crispy shallots (pictured above) to sweet potato streusel pie. Yum! Oh, and don’t forget the thyme-butter roasted mushrooms, cheesy corn pudding and cheesy green bean casserole. A quick review of her menu sounds like there’s going to be plenty of butter, cheese and brown sugar employed for her holiday feast.

So… is your mouth watering yet?

Will you be trying out any of her menu? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via @chrissyteigen)