Lip liner: You either love it or you hate it. Maybe you’re its biggest, most loyal fan — unable to put on any lip color without applying a layer of your trusty liner first — or you might be the total opposite — a lip liner loather, if you will — and despise the act of outlining your lips because of your always-shaky, unsteady lining technique. It takes an unwavering hand and a quality product that has the perfect balance of being long lasting but also blendable, which is hard to find, to achieve perfectly lined lips. Surprisingly, Christian Louboutin, the famed shoe designer who recently made his way into the makeup world, just launched a product that might turn all you lip liner loathers into lovers.


Meet the new Loub Lip Definer ($40), a lip liner that truly looks different from the average lip liner, and we’re not just talking about its seriously sleek packaging. First, the color options are meant to be as universally flattering as possible, so they’re only offered in five nude shades — Christian Louboutin and Kylie Jenner must be on to something when it comes to the trendy nude lip. Beyond the colors, the design is notable in that it mirrors the exaggerated, lengthy handle on the Louboutin nail polishes. The elongated handle — which was inspired by a calligraphy pen — was designed to give the user a “precise application and a truly artistic experience,” according to the product’s official description. Basically, you’ll get more control with the long handle, which will result in a smooth, even application.

If you’re someone who lives for lipstick, a lip liner is a must, TBH. A quality product in a versatile shade like a nude will make your favorite lipstick look even better — trust me. The best part of wearing a lip liner like this is that it looks really pretty worn by itself, layered underneath any color or when you’re just wanting to enhance the shape of your lips. Oh, and who wouldn’t want to whip one of these babies out of their purse?!

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