Every wall is a blank canvas, with countless options for decorating and creativity. Let鈥檚 get a little practical for a sec, though 鈥 a solid standby accessory for a wall in every room should be a clock. But just because it鈥檚 a necessity, doesn鈥檛 mean it has to be a bore. You still want a ticker worthy of wall art status and that鈥檚 exactly where ClockONE by Twelve24 clocks in.

Sometimes you want to break free of the standard circular dial and make a statement with your timepiece, and ClockONE will do it while keeping the room you feature it in Pinterest-worthy. This clock beautifully blends design, technology and art together, which is fantastic since it鈥檚 something you鈥檒l be staring at forever.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, ClockONE is easy to use (hello, one touch controls) and has some pretty sweet hidden features in its sleek package. It has super simple installation instructions, a screw and a magnetic mount is the only setup necessary and adjustment is as easy as a tilt 鈥 no leveling equipment required. With assembly that much of a breeze, you just might be tempted to move it from room to room鈥

The ultra-thin (it鈥檚 literally 5MM thin) and light (clocking in at a miniature 4.6 lbs) device runs off a single coin cell battery, aka a watch battery, for one year. It鈥檚 practically timeless.

You know we love a good tech edge to, well, anything in our homes, and this is designed with low energy-sucking E Ink technology. That means you鈥檒l be able to read the time wherever you鈥檙e standing, making it an ideal statement piece for any open wall space in your home whether there鈥檚 a ton of direct sunlight or low, natural lighting.

And ClockONE fits any lonely wall with its range of different color options: Pink Oasis, Mai Tai (think tangerine), Bright Moss (picture a lime), Blue Sky or stay simple with Snow White. Further customize it by changing from a 12-hour to a 24-hour military-style clock with the flip of a switch.

All that style and function in a sleek design does mean that ClockONE will be a bit of a splurge. But hey, it鈥檚 totally worth it to impress all your guests at your housewarming party, right? You can pre-order yours now with a $500 Kickstarter pledge. Keep watching the clock 鈥 it begins shipping in May 2015.

Are you loving this chic wall clock as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below.