This newly released home decor product will make you want to rid the earth of all oval, wooden coffee tables, pronto. At first glance, this coffee table, designed by Russian design studio PLAN-S23, looks like a chic conversation starter. The clean lines and colors make it stand out without screaming “look at me.” Unlike wood, marble is difficult to destroy, so you don’t have to stifle a scream when a houseguest ignores your cute coasters.

And who doesn’t love a good pyramid decor element? The pyramid adds a cool design touch to the table without taking up any unneeded space. History buffs may recognize that it was actually inspired by the 1960 Soviet satellite Sputnik 5. Okay, so maybe just your dad will notice the resemblance, but it’s still a fun fact to work into the conversation.

But what makes it really cool is that it injects some plant life into your living room. You can place a planter right in the top of the pyramid, adding some greenery without taking up any valuable table space. Just a little something to brighten up the room.

You can also mix and match to make the table fit your design aesthetic. Bored with the pyramid? Take it out. Don’t have any plants? Remove the planter. You can also place the pyramid and planter in another part of the room, separate from the table. You have the chance to explore your inner furniture designer a little bit, so go ahead, play around!

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