As lovers of color, you can always find piles of crayons, colored pencils and Sharpies lying around our office. But we haven’t yet turned them into anything as crazy or cool as what Finnish artist Tuomas Markunpoika has created: amalgamated vases made out of colored pencils.

Through his series called “Amalgamated,” Markunpoika has attempted to explore the relationship between colored pencils, a mass produced tool and their individual purpose. Both kids and adults use pencils daily to document their thoughts, ideas and dreams, but, as you can see, these utensils deserve way more respect than we’ve been giving ’em.

By gluing together hundreds of colored pencils, drilling a hole in the top and shaping them into vase-form with a lathe machine, he has created art pieces that allow us to see the true beauty and intricacy within a simple colored pencil. And though a classic vase may not be everyone’s style, we doubt there’s anyone who wouldn’t approve of its kid-friendly materials and crazy creative style.

The artist used only blue or black pencils, claiming that they complement the color of the wood beautifully. He also teamed up with Faber-Castell to use hexagonal shaped writing tools, so they would line up perfectly against each other to be glued. And those colored lines you see on top of and on the side of the vase? Yep, they’re lead. We never knew the inside of a pencil could be so inspiring.

These vases are limited edition and available through Gallery Fumi. But if you’re feeling ambitious, we definitely smell a rainy day DIY project in the making.

Check out the creation process step-by-step:

(h/t Design Boom + Fast Company)