High heels are like a blessing and a curse sometimes — I’m sure most of you can understand this mixed sentiment. They’re cute AF to stomp around in, instantly elevate an outfit thanks to their fancier-than-average-kicks feel and are a great way to express your style. While we love ‘em for their looks, high heels are not comfortable to wear. Regardless of the heel length, thickness, and shape, it’s almost impossible to find a pair that won’t leave your feet screaming in pain at the end of the day. This is when a dilemma occurs: Do you wear the shoes that take your outfit to the next level or do you nix the heels for some comfy, practical flats?


Christopher Dixon, a sneaker designer, launched a 10-style collection called the Christopher Coy Collection that lets you rock seriously stylish heels without having to hobble around in ‘em because of pain and discomfort. You’ll instantly notice that these heels feature two heels on each shoe, making each pair easier to walk (strut) in and adding in a ton of extra stability you’ll be able to really feel. The unique double-heeled design also helps to alleviate some of the intense pressure heels can cause on your feet (particularly the balls of your feet).

The patented dual heel definitely gets noticed — there’s not many (any?) other heels out there with more than one heel per foot — but that’s not always a bad thing, right? These shoes get even more unique thanks to an invisible chip that’s inside each shoe. It contains the story behind the design and history of the shoe, which should appear on your smartphone whenever it’s within reach. Soon, you’ll be strutting down the street so flawlessly that you won’t even remember you’re in ski-high stilettos — the only thing you’ll be able to think about is how you really can walk a mile in these shoes.

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(h/t Fast Company; photos via Christopher Coy)