No need to check your eyes… you read the title correctly. Fashion has officially merged with technology to bring you the latest and greatest in functional footwear — hydraulic high heels. No longer will you find yourself hobbling home with a broken stiletto or massaging the arches of your feet after a night of dirty dancing. Hydraulic high heels will eventually allow you to reap all the sexy benefits of tall pumps, without the painful side effects.

Thanks to a London College of Fashion graduate’s idea, these kicks will combine the comfort of sneaks with the style of some seriously high end heels. The technology behind them is insane, and designer Silva Fado Morado researched architecture, traction, weight and motion to ensure that her shoes would be top notch and high end. Oh, and get this, she even incorporated some 3D printing and laser cutting into her production process (clearly she’s our new Brit BFF).

We’re loving the fact that these practical pumps are definitely not lacking style. From the front and top, they could easily be mistaken for your everyday, average heels. From the side and back, though, we get a better look at the techy vibe these shoes are sporting, as well as the retro wooden platform they sit on, which are the two things that could potentially be saving our feet and backs when we’re strutting our stuff at the club. It’s truly what’s underneath and behind that makes this pretty pair something we can’t wait to get our hands on and feet into.

While the designer has created a dreamy prototype that we can’t wait to slip our freshly pedicured toes into, these bad boys are not quite ready to be marketed yet. The mechanics behind the springs, rubber balls and hydraulics have to be perfected, and the materials and aesthetics are still being worked on as well. However, it’s clear to us that one day soon we’re going to be able to head to bars, clubs and killer parties in heels that are not only fit for superstars like Lada Gaga and Nicki Minaj, but are also comfortable and safe enough for the sensible self in all of us.

Are you ready to rock these crazy cool hydraulic heels? How else do you think technology will enter the fashion world? Let us know in the comments below.

(h/t The Daily Dot)