Everyone wants effortless summer hair, from perfect beach waves to the best in celeb-level balayage. We spend a lot of time and money making sure our tresses are extra on point. Heathy, glossy hair is the name of the game, but are some of our daily routines actually hindering that goal? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The wrong tools or products, or even washing your hair the wrong way, can be causing your tresses some serious damage. Read on to learn which everyday hazards may be serious don’ts keeping you from a chic ‘do — and how to ditch these pesky problems for good.

Applying Products to Your Roots

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You may think the root of your hair is where products are most needed, but it’s actually the ends that deserve the majority of the love. As the oldest (and most damaged) portion of your hair, the bottom of your strands need that extra TLC to keep them healthy. With the exception of a root lifter or volumizing powder, avoid applying products to the top of your hair to prevent it from looking lifeless and weighed-down. Make sure that when you do apply products that volumize, you lift your hair in sections to really get close to the root and crown of your head. (Photo via Brian Bedder/Getty)

Brushing Your Hair While Wet

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If you brush your hair immediately after stepping out of the shower (or even in the shower), it’s time to break that habit right now. Stylists recommend dealing with tangles after your hair is at least 70% dry. Otherwise, you’re brushing out the conditioner you just added and diminishing your natural oils. Plus, brushing wet hair causes a lot of friction and will result in a bad case of frizz. In order to get that optimal level of dampness, it’s best to towel or air dry before brushing or applying product. Curly-haired ladies should take extra care with this step — simply squeeze your ringlets in a towel to get your glam process going. (Photo via Gareth Cattermole/Getty)

Using Your Hot Tools on the Highest Setting

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Are your straighteners, curling irons and blowdryers cranked up to the highest possible settings? Yeah, we thought so. While it feels only natural to bring the heat to achieve those style goals, you may be causing some serious damage to your sensitive strands. You’ll still get the same perfect waves or sleek blowout on a lower setting (especially if you have fine or thin hair), and you’ll save yourself from stressed tresses or split ends. The highest heat setting on your tools is reserved for extra thick and coarse hair, or to remove excessive moisture when your hair is super wet. Otherwise, keep everything on the low down. P.S. Don’t forget about that all-too-important cool shot button on your hair dryers, gals. When you’re almost finished drying your strands, give your hair the cooling treatment to seal in your style and ensure a healthy shine. (Photo via Dario Cantatore/Getty)

Washing Your Hair Too Often

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Everyone thinks the cleaner your hair, the healthier it will be, but washing your mane every day will actually strip your locks of essential oils, and will lead to dried-out strands and breakage. If you can’t handle having dirty hair, invest in a good dry shampoo to use on days between washes. (Photo via Ian Gavan/Getty)

Waiting Too Long Between Haircuts

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We know, “long hair, don’t care” — but you should. If you got your long locks by way of waiting months on end between salon appointments, then you need to rethink your strategy. Most of us think that only getting a hair cut once or twice a year will help hair growth, but it will actually prevent it. If you wait too long for a trim, your hair will start to split, causing it to look frizzy and damaged. Try to get a trim every six weeks to prevent this. (Photo via John Parra/Getty)

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