We always appreciate a piece of furniture that works double duty. Whether you’re making it work in a small space or live a life on the go and you never know where you’ll need to set up office, furniture is adapting into more intuitive, more flexible forms than your ancient futon could ever dream of. Prepare to be amazed at these 15 pieces of convertible furniture.

1. Indoor Table (price upon request): Made out of an old wooden door, this table seats eight but becomes a fully functional home office when unfolded.

2. Multi-Functional Sofa: From retro sofa to a full table and six seat cushions, this piece of furniture makes it look easy! (via Design Boom)

3. Goliath Table (price upon request): This table extends from a console size of 17 inches to a dining size that will comfortably seat a dinner party of 10 people. We’re impressed.

4. Coffee Table ($800): This walnut coffee table literally stands up! By extending the legs the coffee table becomes the right height and size to comfortably seat six people for dinner.

5. Laptop Coffee Table ($1000): From couch potato to busy bee, this coffee table is perfect for anyone who dreams of working from their sofa.

6. Modern Murphy Bed (price upon request): Not only does this queen bed tuck inside the wall, it leaves behind an adorable couch!

7. Warhol Sofa: Perfect for a studio apartment or dorm room, this configuration provides you with a bed, a desk and multiple seating areas.

8. Folding Chair: Finally a folding chair that actually folds flat thanks to a cool cutout design and magnets. (via Monstrans)

9. Convertible Sofa ($700): You shouldn’t have to give up beauty for the sake of functionality! We are loving the clean lines and turquoise color of this tufted couch.

10. Booken: If you’re not getting very far in your summer reading list, why not put your books to a more functional, horizontal use as a little console or desk.

11. The Cube (price upon request): From chair to lounger, stool to comfy desk this versatile piece of furniture will quickly become your favorite poolside equipment.

12. Convertible Sectional Sofa ($788): Ideal for miniature living rooms this awesome sofa has tons of secret storage space!

13. Sosia Sofa (price upon request): We’re a little bit in awe of this couch that reminds us of a plush fortune cookie.

14. Oturakast Stacking Stool (from $200): A fresh take on the stackable stool, the Oturakast does it all: The legs fold out to form a standalone unit that functions as a seat, foot stool, or nightstand and fold right back under to stack on other units and create a dresser.

15. Sofa Bunk Bed: A fun twist on the traditional sleeper couch, this three seater sofa converts easily into a cool bunk bed. (via Bless This Stuff)

Would you use convertible furniture in your home? Let us know in the comments below!