So you’ve already turned your place into a smart home, built a NASA-approved space project and even made some prototype drones with a handful of littleBits. No biggie, just a normal weekday, right? But right when you thought you’ve programmed and wired together just about everything you possibly could, littleBits comes back with some more amazing project ideas to keep you going! Let’s just say we’re giving you a “littleBit” of a push ;)


1. Thinking of You ($375): Love is definitely in the air, and it smells like chocolate, but we’re about to make it smell like wires and buttons and have it be just as sweet. This project is a great gift to give the hubby or the boo as a little reminder that you’re always thinking about him.


2. Birthday Candle Project Pack ($20): With this li’l DIY candle project you can add a cute techy flair to any special celebration. No more smoke or melted wax on the cake? Yes, please. Don’t worry, you’ll still have all the fun of “blowing out” the candles and making a wish.


3. Real Time Weather Dashboard ($411) : Analog lovers, this weather dashboard can replace your weather app. These three separate weather-telling clocks will specify the current temperature, the highs and lows and the overall forecast for the day. All the information will be coming from Weather Underground, so this project will require a little coding, but the step-by-step guide makes it really easy.


4. 8-Bit Jukebox ($267+): Although this jukebox can only play four song cartridges, the cool thing is that you get to explore the features of an Arduino. Each cartridge, triggered to play by LED lights shining on its light filters, will play in an 8-bit style. It’s definitely a fun project to display on your desk at work.


5. LED Headbands ($119 + headband): We loved making these at Brit HQ for Halloween, but you can use our DIY to light up any night. We can totally see these as a part of an EDC outfit or even for a fun night out with the girls. What design will you make?


6. Keytar Project Pack ($75): This is perfect for all you air guitar professionals out there. What better way to take your skills to the next level than to put together your own synth, keyboard and oscillator? You can finally start that one-man band you’ve been dreaming of.


7. DIY Synth Boombox ($75): Add some boom-boom-pow to your purse or backpack with this tiny boombox. You’ll be able blast the jams from your fave playlist wherever you go.


8. Light Up Party Jacket ($100): This pack may be made for a jacket, but that doesn’t mean making a light-up dress isn’t impossible. You’ll for sure light up the city while rockin’ whatever shining, custom-made outfit you craft up.


9. Light Up Stomping Shoes ($50): Is your little kiddo begging for a new pair of light-up sneakers? Why not just make a pair? Your little one can join in on the maker fun too.


10. Korg DIY Synth Kit ($159): Have you been wanting to produce some awesome remixes of your favorite go-to jams? Using littleBits’ modular system, you can program different sounds for specific modules. Build up your synth kit and break it down, DJ! (Photo via ThinkGeek)


11. Puppet Master ($49): Become the most tech savvy puppeteer by learning how to use a DC motor to move your little guy. How cute would it be to put on shows with your little ones over the weekend to get their imaginations flowing?


12. Remote-Controlled FaceTime Car ($283): Remote stuck under the couch again, but don’t know exactly where? This RC car is just as fun to make as it is to drive around. As long as you have two working iPhones that can FaceTime each other, you have a mobile pair of eyes that can roam around wirelessly.

Which projects got your inner maker going? Any project ideas that you’re thinking about creating? Tell us all about it in the comments below!