Get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about copper pipes — they can lend themselves to some insanely awesome creations. The material is fairly inexpensive and boasts a great shine and a rose gold-like shade. From lighting to jewelry, check out these 12 DIY copper pipe projects that will open your eyes to a new kind of hacking.

1. Side Table: We want this table in every room. It’s unique, artsy and classy all at the same time. A rare find! (via Paul Loebach)

2. Wall Hanging: Finding the perfect piece of art to display can be tough. This gorgeous hanging piece leaves room for lots of variations to make it your own. Switch out the white cotton piping for a different color to match the decor of any room in your house. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Hoop Light: You could buy this lamp for $375 or you could follow our tutorial and have it hanging above your desk for less than $60. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Coat Rack: What a simple way to jazz up empty wall space. You can even stagger the pipes to create a zig-zag effect. (via Vintage Revivals)

5. Laptop Table: Today’s modern and functional version of the old-school TV tray, this piece would be great as a side table in a bedroom or living room, ready for anything to rest on it. (via 6th Street Design School)

6. Cuff Bracelet: Hardware jewelry is definitely in. Take a break from washers and nuts and steer yourself toward the shiny options. (via The Merry Thought)

7. Tripod Floor Lamp: It’s nearly impossible to find a floor lamp that stands up straight and meshes well with your space. DIY this tripod-style lighting solution for a sturdy, contemporary fix. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

8. Candle Holder: Forget baskets and bouquets, there’s a new centerpiece in town. Break this baby out on date night or special occasions to snazz up your table with minimal effort. (via An-Magritt)

9. Hair Cuff: Add some flare to your ponytail with this shiny addition. It only requires a hair tie, a piece of copper pipe and some glue. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Necklace: It doesn’t get more simple than this. All you need is some ribbon, some pipe and voila, a beautiful statement necklace. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Icosahedron Light Fixture: This piece is definitely a conversation starter. Add a modern element to any room in your home with this geo-inspired fixture. (via The Gathered Home)

12. Copper Concrete Lamp: Two of the hottest current trends in DIYing are both copper and concrete. And that’s why we’ve combined the two materials to bring you what might be the brightest idea of the season (in our not-so-humble opinion). (via Brit + Co.)

What copper pipe project are you ready to get started on? What’s your favorite material to use for unique DIY projects? Leave us your thoughts below.