It’s no secret that we love peeking at celeb homes for some serious design inspo — from their tasteful decor to their thoughtful color schemes, it’s hard to resist gazing at such chic homes. But let’s be real — if we had that much unlimited cash, we’d go for tasteful with a side of fun. We’re talking decadent closets, lavish party rooms and ample space for our favorite snacks. While our dream mansions might not be a reality any time soon, that won’t stop us from admiring these 10 crazy celeb rooms.

1. Lady Gaga’s Bowling Alley: While the rest of her house maintains a very classy, European style, she couldn’t resist adding a bit of retro American charm with this mini bowling alley. (via Elle Decor)

2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Candy Room: Not only does their soon-to-be home sweet mansion have some sleek style and gorgeous sweeping views of Cali, it also has a… candy room? Yup. Now they can have a sugar buzz All. The. Time. (via Elle Decor)

3. Christina Aguilera’s Game Room: We know you secretly wish you could spend a million dollars on a game room like this. We kinda do too, especially if it comes with those shiny chandeliers. (via Hooked on Houses)

4. Celine Dion’s Water Park: Celine installed her very own water park on her Florida estate, complete with two pools, water slide and lazy river. If it saves you a trip to Sea World or Typhoon Lagoon, it’s basically a practical buy, right? (via Huffpost Miami)

5. Miley Cyrus’s Backyard: The pool, yes. The hot tub, definitely yes. But the teepee? Miley… WTF! (via Buzzfeed)

6. Mariah Carey’s Closet: Closets aren’t normally considered rooms… unless you’re Mariah Carey. Gazing at all that space for her clothes, it turns out all we want for Christmas is more shoe space. (via Racked)

7. Jay Leno’s Airplane Hanger: Jay Leno’s car collection (over 130 and counting) makes our nail polish collection look like chump change. While we’re not sure we’d ever need an airplane hanger to store any of our hobbies, we admire Jay’s dedication to his cars. (via LA Times)

8. Iggy Azalea’s Basketball Court: When your boo is an NBA superstar, having a full-sized basketball court kinda makes sense. She’s so fancy, indeed. (via Variety)

9. Drake’s YOLO Estate Pool: He may have started from the bottom, but with a grotto and cave this swanky, he’s definitely at the top of our house envy list. (via Curbed)

10. Chad Ochocinco’s Aquarium Bedroom: Whether you know him for his touchdowns on the football field or his smooth moves on Dancing With the Stars, this is one celebrity bedroom you won’t forget. As if this tank wasn’t enough, Chad’s also got one in his living room with three flat-screen televisions built into it. (via Daily Mail)

What’s your favorite crazy celebrity space? Any we missed? Tell us below!