From the outside, Michelle Williams’ digs look like something you might find in the lush green countryside. This ivy-covered townhouse in Brooklyn is full of surprises. The pics of her modern-day palace are available for us to swoon over for one reason: She’s selling her place to move to the LA. This gorgeous townhouse, which she bought with her late partner Heath Ledger, and everything in it could be yours for only $7.5 million. Sadly, that’s way, way, way out of our budget, so we’ll just sit here and geek out over every little vintage detail and try our best to recreate it for ourselves.


Michelle nails the balance between vintage and modern, all while creating a look that’s totally personal and uniquely her. Well, we don’t really know her… but seriously, how Michelle Williams is that classic couch with the funky cute pillows?

Even with such a large multi-functional room, each section has its own contained purpose. The key is arranging your furniture in clusters that create sections, while keeping it open and inviting. We were instantly drawn to the massive chessboard. We found one for our own little abode on Etsy for $70.

The girl knows what she’s doing when it comes to lighting. Wall sconces are mounted against mirrors for double the light in the already airy home. You can DIY your own reflective lighting with industrial sconces from CB2 ($50) and a skinny mirror. The touches of blue throughout the room tie it together with soothing vibes. Look for small pieces to spread throughout your home so that your eye moves around the room. Grab a few hued lamps from One Kings Lane ($199).


If you have the funds to set up shop in this home, please tell us that you’ll dress like Belle, make your SO dress like The Beast, install rolling ladders and swing around singing in this room all day. Promise? Okay, great. Now that we got that out of the way… not all of us have an entire room dedicated to our book collection, but we can take tips from Michelle’s library for our home office and reading nook (aka singing-Beauty-and-the-Beast-songs nook). The dark shelves with the honey-colored wood floors are the perfect recipe for cozy.

Whether you’re reading or belting out tunes, what you can take into your reading nook a la Williams are tufted arm chairs from West Elm ($849). Also, reading requires seeing. No matter if it’s over your chair or hanging off the bookshelves, a brass lamp will trick all of your friends into thinking you are the most sophisticated, well-read girl on the block. You can pick your lamp up from Chantelle Lighting ($83). Tie it all together with a marble-topped sidetable from Bliss Home and Design ($875), appropriate for holding cups of tea, glasses of wine and bottles of gin.

Kitchen / Dining Nook

Natural light — it’s something you can’t buy or hack. Either you’ve been blessed with a place that has it or you have to cherish every ray that beams through your window. Williams had it easy. This kitchen keeps things natural and cheery. The blue accents remain a constant theme throughout the house. The cobalt details against the natural wood and neutral tones is something you can do in your own home no matter if you live in a light-filled halo or a troll-hole cave.

To copycat the look, buy yourself a windowed cabinet. It will not only display that rocking dish collection you’ve been gathering over the years, but it will also help keep things soft and light when compared to a completely solid cabinet. We found one over at Restoration Hardware ($1,465) that should help you achieve your Brooklyn-townhouse dreams. Alright, now onto the fun stuff — textiles. If you keep most of your house subdued and somewhat serious, you can go hog wild with the occasional pattern and print mashup. If you want to make your own cushions, we found a DIY version made of painted silk that would go perfectly on top of a bench or even a trunk.


Williams kept the bedroom cozy and zen with minimal visual noise and warm natural woods. You can totally DIY your own headboard with found pallets. Stain it with a color that best suits your space.

For the perfect marriage between masculine and feminine, pick up a pair of industrial stools at Restoration Hardware ($299 each). Then partner them with floral, picturesque throw pillows from Anthro ($78). And seeing as both you and Williams are such bookworms, destined to be in the same book club someday no doubt, you’re going to need wall-mounted reading lamps on each side of the bed. The main reason we love wall-mounted lamps is they don’t take up any table room, which should help cure our chronic bedside-water-spilling antics. Grab a pair of lookalike lamps from CB2 for $129 each.


Umm — hello, clawfoot bathtub/black and white checkered floor of our dreams! Williams makes great use of natural light once again by taking advantage of the length of the wall with a massive horizontal mirror. We found a similar one from Wayfair ($196), but you could always go custom so it fits your space perfectly.

Opposite the mirror is a framed illustration that adds personality to a room filled with clean lines. A chalkboard could give the same effect and gives you the ability to change it up whenever you want to. Check out this one from our shop ($50). Standing naked in front of the “hello beautiful” message your wrote to yourself will not be the worst decision you make in your day. We promise.

What’s your favorite part of Michelle Williams’ crib? Let us know what decorating tips you’d love to steal down in the comments!

(h/t 6sqft)