Hey, New York, we’re coming for ya. Each day from 11am-4:30pm during #CreateGood, our October 4-8 pop-up event, come in and explore our colorful creativity playground. Cruise from zone to zone in our Soho space filled with fun things to make, play, apply, sample, and — of course — ‘gram. Best of all: It’s FREE! (Check out the full schedule, including speakers and other events, here). Here’s the scoop on 11 experiences you don’t want to miss.


1. Take a shoefie. Make sure to get a pedi and sport your cutest kicks, because laces and/or toes will be at the center of attention in this experience. SOREL is creating a slab of 24 vibrant vinyls on the floor to offer the perfect frames for your selfies, ahem, shoefies. Make sure to leave your mark by adding a creativity sticky note to the vertical mural of inspiration.

disney pixar coco

2. Learn to play music. Seize the creative opportunity to pick up a few musical skills. Gawk at Disney/Pixar’s intricately decorated guitar installation while learning a few chords of an enchanting song from its upcoming tear-jerker, Coco. You might find yourself humming the tune the next time you’re up against a pesky creative roadblock. (Photo via Disney/Pixar)

temporary tattly

3. Get tatted. Lean back into a leather tattoo chair as Tattly decorates your body with temporary original designs for you to flaunt all weekend. Oh, don’t forget to wash the tats off before you return to the office on Monday morning. Or leave it. Up to you. (Photo via Tattly)

4. Relax your mind. Whether you had an exciting night, tough morning, or just plain need a break, Tuft & Needle‘s Wake Up Better Bar is sure to fix you right up. With elixir sampling, phone charging stations, and cushy chairs worthy of a power nap, it’s just the break your mind and body asked for.

pom pom jewelry

5. Make jewelry. The pom-pom earring trend isn’t slowing down. If you don’t have a pair yet, you can make your own. Craftsy will have all the directions, tools, and supplies you need to walk out of #CreateGood with your favorite new accessory.

6. Send snail mail. Have a coworker, lover, or long-distance friend you adore? Send them a pre-paid, colorful Mixbook postcard that will provoke lots warm and fuzzy feelings. Aren’t you a thoughtful lady!


7. Let the creative juices flow (into your mouth). It’s five o’clock somewhere. Don Julio will be pouring free samples of specialty cocktails concocted with pear and grapefruit juices, kombucha, and, of course, tequila for you to savor with the creative goddesses you meet at #CreateGood.

Kia rio

8. Eat a sunset snack. Let a small snack inspire you to dream big as you gaze into Kia’s calming sunset sky installation. Relish the tapas, discuss your dreams, and imagine what could lead you to accomplish them. Just like the Kia Rio, small can do big things. (Photo via Kia)

talenti gelato creategood

9. Sweet yourself. We love a refreshing treat yo’ self moment. Grab a buddy, pull up alongside Talenti’s gelato bar, grab your sample scoops, and snap a sweet pic together while you gobble down your rich treats.

10. Play it forward. Spend time playing classic arcade games in our fun-filled Lyft arcade. It’s a pink dream come true, complete with ’90s-themed prizes like slap bracelets and mini whoopie cushions. Challenge yourself to rack up enough points to donate to eight charities, including immediate disaster responders like the American Red Cross.

sherwin williams

11. Get motivated. Make sure to leave your #CreateGood experience with confidence. Sherwin-Williams® is creating colorful pillars of motivation filled with quotes that will inspire you to create, play, make, and level up. Want to share the inspiration? Snap a selfie with your favorite quote, add to your IG story, and tag #CreateGood for all to see.

Thirsty for a creative journey? Eager to learn from pioneering creative women? Get the full #CreateGood experience.