This just in! The hot, ahem, cold thing on the street these days is the milk and cookie ice cube. Just imagine crushing up some Chips Ahoy! or Oreo cookies over an empty ice cube tray, then pouring fresh milk up to the brim of each little rectangular compartment. Into the freezer the tray goes, and a couple of hours later, you have yourself milk and cookie cubes. They’re perfect for transforming a piping hot cup of joe into a perfectly sweetened and creamed iced coffee. Not to mention, no more watered-down coffee! To help jumpstart your next foray into crazy-delicious iced coffee, we’re bringing you four creative ways to cool off your morning caffeine fix.

Milk and Cookie Cubes

1. Oreo Milk and Cookie Ice Cubes: There’s a reason why they’re “America’s favorite,” and that reason is made even clearer thanks to this recipe. Try this Oreo version for a cookies and cream that will have you waxing nostalgic for your childhood-favorite ice cream. Try it with some of the seasonal flavors like Pumpkin or Red Velvet Oreos for an extra special twist. (via PureWow)

Coffee and Milk Cubes

2. Coffee & Milk Cubes: Not every cup of coffee has to be a sweet one, right? If you prefer your brew with just a dash of cream, the alternating layers of coffee and milk in these cubes will brighten up your morning mocha without adding any extra sugar. Use espresso in this recipe for some pick-me-up energy that increases with every sip. (via The Sassy Life)

Iced Mocha Coffee Cubes

3. Coffee Cubes: If you thought making milk and cookies ice cubes was easy, just wait until you try coffee cubes. It’s literally just a matter of freezing coffee in an ice cube tray. Take a swing at these cubes if you prefer your coffee black. Better yet, add them to a glass of Baileys for an insanely yummy take on a White Russian. (via Honestly Yum)

Anytime Frap

4. Anytime Frappuccinos: Tired of just using your striated coffee and milk ice cubes for coffee? (As if that were even a possibility!) Toss a few into the blender with some milk, give it a whir and drizzle on some caramel for an instant frap. There’s nothing better in the morning than a super-fancy and crazy-easy drink. (via Yeah… Imma Eat That)

Vanilla Ice Cubes

5. Vanilla Ice Cubes: This vanilla ice tastes so good in place of coffee creamer, you’ll be singing “Ice Ice Baby” as you sip on your favorite drink. Frozen milk, sugar and real vanilla beans give these iced coffee miracles a flavor that’ll have you loving every last drop. (via Oh My Veggies)

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