We鈥檙e totally amped that Valentine鈥檚 Day is on a Saturday this year. Finally, we can enjoy the holiday without worrying about that early work meeting or the inbox full of emails that need answering. If you鈥檙e planning a romantic date with your boo, consider skipping the same old dinner date, and check out these 10 creative Valentine鈥檚 Day dates instead.

cooking class date

1. Cooking Class: If you鈥檙e the take-out all day, every day kind of couple, try taking a cooking class together that will get you into eating in. Nothing is more romantic than your own candlelit dining room table for two. (via Shape)

race running date

2. Run a Race: Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are Valentine鈥檚 Day races out there. Sure, this might not be for every couple, but they say that exercise can help you get in the mood鈥 (via Foxerbox)

photobooth date

3. Photo Booth Challenge: Grab a couple rolls of quarters and wander around town to see how many photo booths you can find. You鈥檒l have enough material for a romantic scrapbook. (via Style Me Pretty)

arcade playing date

4. Playin鈥 Games: Take the afternoon to bring out your competitive side and hit the arcade together. Amp up the stakes by establishing prizes, like whoever wins the most games buys the drinks afterward. (via Artfully Wed)

shelter animals date

5. Shelter Visiting: Is there anything cuter than a furry face? Share the love this Valentine鈥檚 Day by volunteering to walk or play with some animal friends at your local shelter. (via Pretty Fluffy)

skiing date

6. Go Skiing: Get the wind in your hair and the pink in your cheeks as you sail down some snow-covered slopes. Don鈥檛 forget to start a snowball fight. (via Savvy Deets Bridal)

love notes date

7. Paint the Town Red: Buy a bucket of chalk from the dollar store and walk around your city writing sweet notes to each other on the sidewalk. Cue the 鈥淎ww.鈥 (via Deviant Art)


8. Stand-Up Comedy: Laughing together is definitely one of life鈥檚 greatest joys. Get your giggles on by attending a stand-up comedy show. (Photo via Bryan Bedder/Getty)

art museum date

9. Art Museum: Walk through your local art museum and snap some selfies of you and your SO imitating the artwork. We think Queen Bey has got this one down. (via @officials_c_)

bookstore date

10. The Bookstore Game: Ready, set, read. See who can find the most romantic quotes in the bookstore and read them to each other by candlelight later. (via Capitol Romance)

What will you be doing for Valentine鈥檚 Day? Tell us below!