In theory, winter is great. You’ve got Hallmark Christmas movies, hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, and plenty of easy excuses to stay in and cuddle up with a good binge watch marathon on a Saturday night. At a certain point, though, the luster begins to wear off, and you start to crave the springtime. You want the warmer temperatures and the sandals and the vitamin D! Even if you happen to live in a place where the climate is balmy all year round, you know there’s just something magical about the transition from winter. With colder days officially behind us, it’s time to capitalize on this more cheerful season. Keep scrolling for 10 creative suggestions that will return you to truly relishing everything that’s good about the outdoors.

A woman enjoys a cup of coffee on her balcony

1. Move your morning routine outside. No matter what your post-wakeup routine looks like, chances are that you can move parts of it from inside your house to your patio, balcony, or yard. Do your morning stretch outdoors or drink your first cup of coffee with a view. Getting some outside time in first thing in the morning may even encourage you to move other parts of your daily routine there while the weather is still good.

2. Walk and talk. If you’re catching up on calls, there’s no reason to stay cooped up. Grab your phone, put on your walking shoes, and get out there. If you’re really trying to keep things chill, you can also talk to Mom or your best friend or your brother from your deck or a cozy spot of grass.

3. Propose a fresh air meeting. Maybe you’re not the one calling the shots yet on where your meetings take place, but to the extent that you do have input on conference spaces, suggest that the team goes outside. (Assuming it’s accessible for everyone, of course — a colleague with allergies might be less thrilled about sitting under the blooming trees, and stairs in a path could nix it as a spot for a group that includes someone who uses a wheelchair.) This may not work for more formal gatherings, but a casual team check-in on a Friday afternoon could be well-suited for fresh air. The boss may even thank you for the idea.

4. Volunteer. Research local volunteer opportunities that will set you up for more time in the sun during the spring and summer. Participate in a park clean-up, walk dogs for an animal shelter, or play with kids by getting involved with an after-school mentorship program. Not only will committing to an organization like this force you to make getting outside more of a priority, but you’ll also feel good doing it.

5. Take evening walks. This one’s only creative because it’s bound to take you out of your usual post-dinner Netflix binge routine. Instead of spending most of your weeknight evenings on the couch, you can explore your neighborhood. You may even stumble on an ice cream truck along the way.

A woman takes photos of flowers in a park

6. Explore outdoor photography. Your Instagram feed could really use some more outside shots, don’t you think? Block off a few hours on the weekend to see what kinds of cool images you can capture outdoors. You might even consider getting yourself a used camera to experiment with instead of your phone so you can really hone your skills.

7. Shake up your usual errands. If you’re anything like us, you probably have a pretty predictable rotation of errands. You always go to the same store for your groceries, the same store for household supplies, the same store for pet food… You know the drill. This season, challenge yourself to reconsider the typical route. Are there stores or neighborhoods you could visit that would allow you to be outside — and active — more? Find out!

8. Plan outdoor brunches. You love your friends. You love brunch. And now that it’s finally nice outside, you’re pretty into the sunshine too. Combine all of these elements by hosting regular outdoor brunches throughout the spring and summer. Pick a local park and invite all of your pals to contribute an easily portable dish — fruit salad, muffins, egg bites, or even store-bought bagels (no judgment). And if your picnic permit allows for alcohol so you can enjoy mimosas while you’re there, all the better.

9. Get your sweat sesh on outside. Many workout routines can be easily moved out of the gym. Take your yoga, HIIT, and even free weights into the sunshine. And, yes, even if you hate running, you might think about giving it another try right about now. Good weather is a game changer for runners everywhere.

10. Take a camping trip. Put a twist on your normal weekend plans by organizing a camping trip with your friends. If an overnight feels daunting, no problem — you can make a literal day of it by setting up a picnic, building a fire, roasting marshmallows, and playing games until sundown… and then heading home to sleep.

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