We love homemade ice cream as much as the next human being, but if we’re bring real here, it’s a whole ordeal and sometimes we want a pint, like, right now. But this ice cream invention has us questioning that next Ben + Jerry’s run. No disrespect to Cherry Garcia, but Curious Creamery is not only delicious, it’s fast, easy and it cuts the surprisingly large carbon footprint of store-bought ice cream by 90%. Consider us converts!

This foodvention is so unique it took us a minute to wrap our heads around it… but not nearly as long for us to want to dip our spoons into it. There are so many things to love about Curious Creamery, but we’ll start with the process — you know, the whole make your own delicious ice cream in five minutes process. (It takes us longer than that to choose what scoop we want atop our cone of choice.) The base of any Curious creation is their patented creamery activator and their containers. Using those, you just add the ingredients you want to flavor your ice cream in addition to ice cold liquid, then stir it all together in an average mixer for a few minutes. Then just freeze and eat.

You can even make ice cream cakes. Mind blown.

So you’re probably thinking “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I can’t do enough Pilates in a lifetime to work off those persistent ice cream calories.” Well, the great thing about the scoops you make with Curious Creamery is that you control everything. It starts at 100 calories per serving, and from there you can decide the fat level of your dairy additive and make it to your liking. You can even skip the dairy altogether and use water, juice, even tea or coffee to make your sweet treat.

That brings us to the customization capabilities, aka what will have us throwing ice cream socials on the daily. You can add in any ingredients you want to create those flavors you’ve only dreamed of. Cinnamon spice ice cream with gingerbread crumbles? For sure. Earl grey ice cream with chocolate pieces? Yep! We even have 30 recipes to get you started. Controlling the ingredients means you cut all of the preservatives, trans fats and hydrogenated oils out of the process. It’s just straight up delicious ice cream.

Finally, to make you feel even better about your ice cream investment, with the creation of this DIY ice cream, the creators of Curious Creamery hope to reduce the carbon footprint created by big factories. The Kickstarter campaign for this ice cream innovation is only running until November 9, so you have just about a week to get in on the action and help this thing happen. Starting with a $26 pledge, you’ll get the basics: the creamery base, two mixing/storage containers and even some ice cream cake mix. The perks only get better from there. Make a pledge right here and invite us to your first ice cream party.

UPDATE: This Kickstarter campaign has relaunched with a new goal, which it’s already surpassed! You can make a pledge on the new campaign and pick your perks right here through December 2.

What would you mix up with the Curious Creamery? We’d love to know in the comments!