This 3-Step Bun Is Perfect for Curly Hair
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This 3-Step Bun Is Perfect for Curly Hair

We love luscious curls. We’re also big fans of the elegant figure eight bun, which is a polished ‘do that allows us to get creative with our locks thanks to the twisty shape of the figure eight. What’s even better about this hairstyle is that it’s enhanced by curly hair: The movement and hair volume that waves and curls bring to this look take it to the next level. This bun translates well from the office to a night on the town to a fancy event, so keep this simple ‘do in mind the next time you want to be seen.


We’re going to start this style by creating pony puffs. First, separate your hair into halves. Then, gather your curly strands into a pony puff at the top of your head. Keep in mind that we intentionally left a few pieces of bangs out to keep the look modern and fresh.

Then, create your second pony puff close to the nape of the neck. The placement of this second pony puff is key because it helps to illustrate the effect of the figure eight bun, playing off of your fierce texture while elongating the length of your curls.


Next, create two hair buns by circling your curls inward and securing the buns in place with a few hairpins.


Finally, wrap thread or fabric around your buns in a haphazard figure eight motion to dress up your curls and emphasize the look of the number eight. We used leftover stretchy fabric for our look because the material wraps effortlessly around curls and doesn’t disrupt their bounce or add frizz. Use a material that works with your hair and not against it.

Now is the time to get creative with the fabric you use to wrap up your figure eight. We chose to top off our look with an airy bow! Have fun with this part and don’t feel like it has to look perfect.

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Modeling by Kirsten Luiz

Makeup by Shannon Rodriguez

Wardrobe by Veronica Sheaffer

Location Veronica Sheaffer Studio