When something happens to your best friend, it might as well happen to you. Your relationship is so strong that when they get fired, you’re there to pick them (and their box of stuff) up, and when they’re going through a breakup, you grab the ice cream and cry right along with them. With a bond like that, it’s no wonder that when she gets engaged, you’re as ecstatic as if the ring were on your finger. One major difference: She’s likely to feel really overwhelmed at some point in the next few months. Use these eight tips to support and celebrate your newly engaged bestie.

Woman admiring engagement ring of friend

1. Know that it’s their turn. Regardless of your own relationship status, let your friend have the spotlight — totally — during the next few months. Especially in the immediate rush after their engagement, take a step back from your exciting new relationship or impending engagement and let them bask in the glory of the moment. If you’re feeling a twinge of jealousy, keep it in check and deal with it apart from her happy news.

2. Voice your support. Whether through a social media post, letter or your actual voice, take a second to let your bestie know how excited you are for them. If you’re close with their fiancé, include them in your encouragement too!

3. Step awayyyyy from the planner. Your bestie getting married means you’ll be in her bridal party, so there’s lots of excitement and planning to come. However, in the time immediately following the proposal, allow your friend a few weeks or a month to enjoy being engaged before you start dropping hints about planning — even if you already have your Pinterest board locked and loaded.

Group of friends admiring engagement ring

4. Throw in a cute gift, just because. Save your big bucks for things like travel, a dress and an awesome registry item. For now, a little note and ring holder will be the perfect way to mark the moment. Or — even easier — pick up a few wedding magazines or some Champagne to make her feel special.

5. Stay away from the stressful wedding questions when you hang out. EVERYONE is asking your BFF about the wedding within hours of getting engaged: her mom, coworkers, Facebook acquaintances and the barista. When the two of you get some solo time, ask her supportive questions like, “How are you feeling?” so that she can choose to not talk about the wedding details… for once.

6. Get to know their partner. If your BFF loves ’em, they must be pretty great, right? If you don’t really know their partner or don’t have good feelings, put your prejudice aside and make an effort to get to know their fiancé. Even if you come away from a group dinner still less than thrilled, the ongoing attempts you make to get to know her S.O. will make your BFF feel super supported.

7. Offer to help organize the engagement party or DIY decorations. It can be really hard to ask people for help, even if you absolutely can’t do something alone. So instead of making your bestie ask you to help organize a party or help DIY some invites, offer first!

8. Spend some major quality time together. If you’re besties, chances are you two have experienced many life milestones together. While getting engaged is a significant one, make sure to take time to tell stories, make googly eyes at the ring and live in this moment together. She might have reached this point, but she couldn’t have without some crazy apartment dance parties with you.

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