To the people who think love is all flowers and chocolate 鈥 these photos are not for you. Don鈥檛 get us wrong, we love both of those things. And we also love taking a walk on the wild side, and boy, these couples don鈥檛 just walk 鈥 they run. These 13 thrill-seeking engagement photos will have you swapping that dainty dress for a pair of hiking boots in no time. To note, these are beautiful pics, but pleeeease remember safety first. Love is dangerous enough ;)

1. Elephant Entrance: Photobombed by an elephant! (via Amanda Koop)

2. Branching Out: Broken legs and weddings don鈥檛 mix so well guys. Of course, we totally appreciate the nod to Dirty Dancing. (via Coffee in the Mountains)

3. Surf鈥檚 Up: Whether these two are old pros or newbies, we鈥檙e impressed! (via Praise Wedding)

4. Waterfall Wonders: A walk on the edge before a walk down the aisle. (via Lauren Fair)

5. Deadly Daydream: Everything is all fun and games until a zombie crashes your romantic picnic. (via Amanda Rynda)

6. Sappy Signals: Well, that鈥檚 one way to stop traffic. (via The Zoom)

7. Rocky Road: Marriage is all about balance. It鈥檚 looking like these two will be just fine. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Moss Mania: This shoot in the English countryside is as daring as it is charming. (via James + Lianne)

9. Railroad Romance: Whaaat?! We think it鈥檚 safe to say that this one takes the cake. (via Vidble)

10. Crossroads: If Noah and Allie can do it, so can they. (via Carla Ten Eyck)

11. Sandy Kisses: All that鈥檚 missing are a couple of mermaid fins. (via Holladay Weddings)

12. Tree Huggers: Branch out鈥 ;) (via 500px)

13. Leap of Faith: Wendy? Peter Pan? Is that you guys?! (via Praise Wedding)

Would you and your fianc茅 every try any of these? Which one?