We’re always on the hunt for new decor ideas, and this time we think we’ve found a new (old!) mecca of ideas. British company Harvey Water Softeners has produced an infographic timeline of interior design through the decades. Scroll from the 1950s through the present and virtually relive the goods, the bads and the uglies of the British living room. Whether you’re a material history buff or you’re getting ready to redo your living space, it’s time to (re)embrace the past.

We begin in the ’50s with a cheery, colorful post-war aesthetic. Each image in the series includes links to pages with more info (such as details about the Danish movement of the 1950s) or to decor ideas.

The 1960s look straight out of a scene from Don and Megan’s Mad Men apartment.

Ah, the ’80s. Oh, the pastels. Think Molly Ringwald’s house from Sixteen Candles.

We personally dig the Union Jack rug in the ’90s scene. It’s so Brit-ish ;)

The hallmark of our millennium? A flat-screen TV. We wish we could say we were surprised.

The infographic is sprinkled with relevant cultural and historical events, such as the economic boom in the 1950s and the effects of 9/11. One more thing is clear: None of this would have been possible without IKEA.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or you’re a serious retro fiend, Interior Design by Decade is definitely worth a scroll. Plus, they received an honorable mention from the Awwwards web design awards. Pretty nifty for a water softener company.

What decor trends are you excited to see return and what should we leave in the past? Jump in with your ideas below!