If you thought your studio apartment or a room in your home was too petite to throw a party in, we have an amazing small spacetrains-formation that’s going to reverse those doubts indefinitely.

To celebrate a new Ikea in the area, a Tokyo monorail completely outfitted in the affordable design duds brought shoppers to the store for two full days. Dubbed the “Ikea Party Train” for those 48 hours, there were even snacks and games on board. Yum.

This is what we call riding in style! The cars were dressed in the store’s signature patterned rugs, the seats covered in their bright fabrics and we spied a pretty pennant garland we wouldn’t mind DIYing ourselves. Sadly, no Expedits attended the event.

The Boxcar Children turned us onto train livin’ back in the day and this just sealed the deal. As Protein puts it, this proves any suspicion you had about the Swedish brand being able to turn just about any little area into a beautiful space fit to party in. This gave us some inspo for how we could hack our own personal small space(s) — how about you?

What’s the coolest space you’ve ever transformed? Was Ikea your key or do you have another secret you need to share with the class? Do so below!