There鈥檚 nothing like the holidays to bring out the kid in everyone. Deep fried turkey, scrumptious stuffing, a smorgasbord of side dishes, and pumpkin pie 鈥 what鈥檚 not to love? If you鈥檙e looking to deck your halls with Thanksgiving goodness in prep for feast day, say no to mass-produced ceramic gourds, foam centerpieces, and plastic garlands, and DIY 鈥檈m. Making and doing is so much fun, especially when there are little crafters on board. Here are 70 Thanksgiving projects that will delight all kids, young and old.

DIY Candy Cornucopia Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

1. DIY Candy Cornucopia: Oh, em, gee 鈥 these aren鈥檛 your gramma鈥檚 cornucopias. These pastel horns of plenty are so bright and modular, they give today鈥檚 Thanksgiving tablescapes a needed modern twist. All you need is a pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, and your choice of colorful card stock, and you鈥檙e good to go. (via Minted)

DIY Thanksgiving Puppet Crafts for Kids

2. DIY Thanksgiving Puppets: Based on Jim Henson鈥檚 Turkey Hollow, these adorable stick puppets will give the kids hours of fun, first making the puppets and then acting out with them. The movie鈥檚 theme (what, no internet?) is sure to resonate with any kiddos paying holiday visits this time of year. (via Oh Happy Day!)

Thanksgiving Turkey Balloon Crafts for Kids

3. Thanksgiving Turkey Balloons: Sometimes the simplest crafts are the best. Your standard oblong balloons turned on the side make a perfect bird shape. Kids will have so much fun adding googly eyes, an orange beak, and a red snood to create these sunny yellow gobblers. (via Design Improvised)

Crayon Turkeys for the Thanksgiving Kids' Table

5. Crayon Turkeys for the Thanksgiving Kids鈥 Table: You saw and drill the driftwood; kids have fun pasting the faces and choosing the colors that will make up the 鈥渢ails.鈥 Bonus: These cute gobblers double as colorful and festive decor for your Thanksgiving kids鈥 table. (via Paging Supermom)

Felt Fall Leaf Garland Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

6. Felt Fall Leaf Garland: One of the best things about fall is the colorful foliage. This leafy garland is made from premium wool felt that will stand the test of time. This is one craft you鈥檒l reuse again and again, breaking it out as part of your Thanksgiving tradition. (via Cutesy Crafts)

Colorful Turkey Paper Plate Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

7. Colorful Turkey Paper Plate Craft: These pastel Tom Turkeys are so simple to assemble, the project can double as a kids鈥 table activity. Little fingers will be occupied for hours while honing tracing and cutting skills. (via Hello, Wonderful)

DIY Dream Catcher Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

8. DIY Dream Catchers: Looking for a charming Native American theme to introduce this Thanksgiving? Kids really dig the idea of dream catchers, and this version is so colorful and cute, they鈥檇 make a sweet takeaway to hang above their beds. (via Petite Party Studio)

DIY Paper Boat Thanksgiving Decorations

9. DIY Paper Boat Decorations: Nothing could be more appropriate than a festive Mayflower armada decorating your feast day table. Kids will love gluing the paper sails to the masts made from wooden skewers, as they hear all about the first Thanksgiving. (via Oh Happy Day!)

Thanksgiving Turkey Puppets Craft for Kids

10. Thanksgiving Turkey Puppets Craft: These turkey finger puppets are sure to put a big smile on everyone鈥檚 face. Kids will not only enjoy making them 鈥 they鈥檒l play with them for hours. (via Artsy Momma)


11. Woodland Creature Cup Crafts: These budget-friendly woodland creature cups are so fun to put together, and they make playful table decor. They鈥檙e just the right vessel for holding kiddo-size snacks. (via Simple As That)


12. Thanksgiving Kids Table: Small gourds make the perfect bird shapes. Just add some googly eyes, a beak, and feathers and voila! 鈥 festive turkeys. When you鈥檝e got a table this cute, everyone will want a seat at the kiddie table. (via Design Improvised)


13. Sculpey Turkey Finger Puppet: Sculpey clay comes in such vibrant colors, it makes the perfect clay for little finger puppets. These little guys need to bake in the oven and cool for a day before they鈥檙e ready for play, so this is a good craft to get kids in the holiday mood in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. (via Twodaloo)


14. Cereal Box Turkeys: If kids can cut circles out of cardboard, they can master this craft. Bonus: Upcycling cereal boxes teaches kids that it鈥檚 fun to recycle. (via Plum Pudding)


15. Easy DIY Fall Headband: These fall headbands are cute and oh-so festive 鈥 and they work for both girls and boys. They also double as colorful photo booth props for Turkey Day selfies. (via Make Life Lovely)


16. Pinecone Turkeys: Pine cones are the perfect shape to make a turkey body, and the feathers tuck nicely into the spindly folds. Just add a beak and googly eyes and these little gobblers come alive. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


17. Cork Boat Armada: Now here鈥檚 an armada that will actually float! And kids will really enjoy adding wrapping paper 鈥渟ails鈥 to the toothpick 鈥渕asts鈥 and weighting the corks with pennies for ballast. (via Kate鈥檚 Creative Space)


18. Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Craft: These precious folk art turkey puppets are easy to make and provide hours of imaginative play. Bonus: They double as festive Thanksgiving Day decor. (via Mer Mag)


19. DIY Autumn Garland: This fall garland is filled with pine cones, buckeyes, and other fruits of nature, so it will work for the holidays and see you right through to spring. Kids will enjoy exploring the outdoors while collecting bits of nature, then helping to string and bead the garland. (via Make and Do Crew)


20. DIY Turkey Shirt: This craft can be made no-sew by using iron-on fabric squares, available in craft stores and in the sewing aisle of big box stores. Turkey faces are super easy, so let the kids freehand the shapes. The crazier they come out, the better! (via Artsy-Fartsy Mama)


21. Toilet Roll Owl: TP rolls and corrugated cardboard cup holders (the kind you see at Starbucks; hint, hint) can be upcycled into the cutest little forest creatures, like this adorable owl. Kids will enjoy brushing up on their cutting and gluing skills. (via MollyMoo Crafts)


22. Wine Cork Turkey Place Card Holders: This cork craft is easy and fun to make, and it adds a splash of fall color to your Thanksgiving table decor. Click through for a template for the feathers and beaks. (via Everyday Dishes)


23. Free Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props: These first Thanksgiving-themed photo props could not be cuter! Kids will enjoy cutting them out and playing pretend pilgrim. Your guests will enjoy sharing photobooth selfies in their social feeds. (via The Dating Divas)


24. Origami Pumpkin Garland: These little origami shapes are so easy to pull off with the provided template and tutorial. It鈥檚 a common shape kids can learn and use again and again. Just change the color of the construction paper to make apples, strawberries, and so on to suit each season. (via My Poppet)


25. Turkey Glove Puppet: Jump-start this craft by using some inexpensive cotton glove liners in fall colors. You wield the needle and thread, while kids enjoy staying in the lines and tracing the template shapes. The end result is a cute little gobbler they鈥檒l play with for days. (via Dream a Little Bigger)


26. Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments: Kids will dig blending three different colors of salt dough to get a real-life fall foliage look. Moms will love having these beautiful keepsakes to pack away and bring out every holiday decorating season. (via The Imagination Tree)


27. Pinecone and Leaves Turkey Craft: This pinecone turkey has a colorful tail that鈥檚 cleverly made from foraged leaves. Kids will love collecting the leaves, and you鈥檒l love the free craft supplies! (via Easy Peasy and Fun)


28. Thanksgiving Turkey Bow Headband: Little girls love wearable crafts, and they鈥檒l cherish this Thanksgiving headband. The array of ribbons and bows in cheerful fall colors make it extra festive, but the star of the show is the little turkey face that you make with polymer clay. (via Happy Hour Projects)


29. DIY Felt Pilgrim Hat: These no-sew girls鈥 pilgrim hats are so easy to make. Just grab your scissors and glue gun and click through for the downloadable template. Then kick up your feet and watch the scene unfold, as the kiddos enjoy hours of imaginative pilgrim play. (via Say Yes)


30. Pony Bead Indian Corn: Now here鈥檚 a kids鈥 table craft that calls for just two materials: beads and pipe cleaners. They鈥檒l dress up the table in fall festive colors, then get to take them home as mementos. (via Cutesy Crafts)


31. Yarn Pumpkin Garland: If they can make a yarn pom-pom, they can master these little orange pumpkins, which are based on a pom-pom craft without the cut edges. They string up easily on green pipe-cleaner 鈥渟tems鈥 and look so festive strung over the mantle. (via Design Improvised)


32. DIY Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decoration: This lovely craft helps kids practice the art of gratitude, so it鈥檚 fitting for Thanksgiving Day. Have the kids collect colorful leaves in the days leading up to the party. Filling out the things to be grateful for is a group activity the whole table will enjoy. (via Julep)


33. Handprint Turkey Plate: This craft will forever capture the little handprints of all the kiddos in the family. Seal it with a glaze and it鈥檚 a serving platter, or simply display it each year at Thanksgiving time as part of your Thanksgiving decor. (via Inspirational Momma)


34. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins: Everyone HEARTS mason jar crafts, because there are so many things we can do with them. This clever pumpkin centerpiece made of painted metal lids adds a pop of jolly orange to your Thanksgiving tablescape. (via The Country Cook)


35. Fall Leaf Wreath: This snazzy wreath is made from materials you can find in any crafts store. So what are you waiting for? Down with Mr. Bones and up with fall foliage, just in time for Turkey Day. (via Design Improvised)


36. The Thankful Tree: In between courses, everyone at the table can participate in this craft by jotting down the things they are most grateful for. School-age kids get to practice their skills as they take turns reading each leaf aloud before tying it on the tree. (via Simply Vintage Girl)


37. Thanksgiving Decoration and Ice Breaker: This one鈥檚 for y鈥檃ll who love to deck the聽halls in gold this time of year. It really does add that magical touch of bling. Better yet 鈥 this tutorial includes a fun party game template to get everyone chatting. (via Home Made by Carmona)


38. Thanksgiving Turkey Craft: These little birds are cleverly made out of those little apples you see in every craft store. The gold paint jazzes things up, while the feathers cut from scrap card stock are such a pop of color. (via One Dog Woof)


39. Modern Pink Pine Cone Turkey: While most pine cone turkeys come with traditional brown, yellow, and orange feathers, this DIY shakes things up a bit. The end result is a more contemporary turkey that fits right in with modern decor. (via Hello, Wonderful!)


40. Paper Boats: Step-by-step printing and folding instructions will make you a paper boat craft pro forever more. Click through for jolly boat decorations that allow each kiddo to customize his or her sloop. (via Maple Paper)


41. Thanksgiving Banner of Gratitude: Nothing reminds us of the true meaning of Thanksgiving like a gratitude garland. Bonus: This one鈥檚 a craft that kids of all ages can work on together. (via


42. DIY Color Wrapped Wheat: Here鈥檚 a centerpiece that reminds everyone of today鈥檚 abundance compared to the first Thanksgiving, when wheat was scarce. Kids wrap colorful ribbons around each stalk of wheat, adding a rainbow of colors to your Turkey Day table. (via Inspired by Charm)


43. Pumpkin & Pine Cone Turkey Craft: Don鈥檛 toss those post-Halloween gourds just yet. Gourd + pine cone + feathers = turkey with stunning rainbow plumage. (via Plenty of Paprika)


44. Felt Headband: Kids love to dress up, and this felt headband will be beloved by boys and girls alike. The best thing of all is to eavesdrop while the kids improvise their roles. (via Kiwi Crate)


45. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups: Kids get impatient when adult dinner conversation drags on long after little tummies are full. So stock some crayons at the kids鈥 table and give the little guys something to do; everyone will *thank* you for it. (via Lil鈥 Luna)


46. Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Craft: Colorful baking cups make the perfect turkey plumage. Fan them out, attach a pom-pom head and a paper beak, and you are good to go! (via Oh My Creative)


47. Silly Turkey Craft: This little guy is oh-so cute and comes together quickly using a downloadable printable. Bonus: He doubles as a darling place card holder for the kids鈥 table. (via Positively Splendid)


48. Vintage Thanksgiving Card Banner: This one鈥檚 for the vintage babes in the house 鈥 you know who you are! Antique postcards make a sweet Turkey Day banner and they don鈥檛 have to cost you a thing. Click through for tips on locating the free printables that were included in this craft. (via BugabooCity)


49. Boy鈥檚 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat: There鈥檚 nothing more fun than watching kids enjoy role play, enacting the first Thanksgiving. This one鈥檚 for the little boys at the table. It鈥檚 just like the hats you see in catalogs this time of year, but without the *imaginative* price tag. (via Make Life Lovely)


50. DIY Thanksgiving Mayflower Voyage Magnet Game: The object of this craft game is to move your Mayflower from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth Rock. A magnet placed on the back of the box attracts the paper clip that鈥檚 glued to the back of the boat. Genius! (via Hello, Wonderful!)


51. Boat Place Card: Now here鈥檚 a crafty idea: Cover the children鈥檚 table with a paper map, then have the kiddos help fold the little boats and write their names on the sails. This project will keep them happily occupied for hours, and the end product looks so festive. (via Martha Stewart)


52. Turkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland: This adorable yarn garland is so cute, you鈥檒l find yourself breaking it out again year after year. Kids will enjoy creating the yarn balls that become the turkeys and pumpkins. (via Frugal Mom Eh!)


53. How to Make Paper Pumpkins: These little paper pumpkins look so sophisticated, but they鈥檙e quick and easy to assemble. Use your choice of colored paper strips, or substitute leather if you want an extra chic decoration that will look good for years to come. (via Life With Lovebugs)


54. The First Thanksgiving Play Props: The more kids, the merrier when you鈥檝e got fun props to play with. Kids young and old will enjoy reenacting history with these adorable play props they create themselves. (via I Love to Create)


55. DIY Teepee Kids Craft and Centerpiece: Kid鈥檚 toy or creative centerpiece 鈥 you decide. These adorable teepees are made using plain, white paper and toothpicks. But you could jazz them up by subbing colorful wrapping paper or cardstock, and they鈥檇 make a beautiful table centerpiece or mantle decor. (via Paging Supermom)


56. Turkey Wine Cork Placecards: The silly turkey faces on these place cards will put a smile on everyone鈥檚 face at the table. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a colorful little Turkey with a fan of festive feathers. (via Teaspoon Living)


57. No Sew Turkey Headband: Before you run out and buy festive headbands for the kids, check out this inexpensive DIY. Velcro makes them one size fits all, so each kiddo at the table can wear one. (via Toddler Approved)


58. Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids: This DIY is like two crafts in one, combining festive beading with a traditional turkey pinecone. Pipe cleaners make it easy for even the smallest hands to be able to wire in the beaded feathers. (via One Creative Mommy)


59. Marbled Autumn Salt Dough: To get the vivid colors needed in this salt dough, you鈥檙e going to toss in several heaping spoonfuls of powdered tempera paint. Add a glossy coat of mod podge after they bake, and you get a swirled mix of fall colors that looks sparkly and marbleized. (via Twodaloo)


60. Fall Leaves Garland DIY: This cute little leaf garland could not be simpler to pull off, but the end result is so impressive. Cut leaves from various colors of felt, punch holes, then sew a thick cord yarn through. This is one fall themed garland you鈥檒l never want to take down. (via A Beautiful Mess)


61. Turkey Puppets: Here鈥檚 a fun holiday craft that will engage the kiddos, while the adults put the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving table. Older kids can help the little ones with tricky cutting, but kids of all ages will want to play. (via Tori Avey)

62. DIY Pie Place Card Holders: Kids can help set the table with pride when they make their own place card holders. (via The Glitter in My Tea)

63. Squeeze Paint Pumpkin Turkey: Leftover pumpkins from Halloween can be salvaged in time for Thanksgiving with some super messy fun. (via Hello, Wonderful)

64. Wood Place Card Holders: Now those wood slices and cutouts can go to good use and keep the small ones occupied in the lead up to dinner. (via Lolly Jane)

65. Wishbone Balloons: Kids can decorate balloons with stickers or stencils and then display them on their table as a colorful and festive centerpiece. (via Balloon Time)

66. Painted Leaf Art: Have them paint one-of-a-kind table decor to supplement your runner or seasonal decor. (via Handmade Charlotte)

67. Thankful Paper Turkey: In case people need a little reminder, putting together a few of these is a good way to keep everyone humble and thankful. (via Hello, Wonderful)

68. Honeycomb Paper Turkeys: You won鈥檛 want to clear the table when you鈥檙e done with dinner if it means removing these little cuties. (via Julep)

69. Felt Finger Puppets: Felt crafts are the order of the day because who doesn鈥檛 love googly eyes on everything. (via Southern Mom Loves)

70. Paper Roll Pilgrims: Create an entire cast of characters in an afternoon with an upcycle and some craft paper. (via Uteki)

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