People do crazy things to achieve flawless skin. From micro-needling to veggie skincare, it鈥檚 all fair game as long as you wake up looking amazing. A new skincare trend is on the rise that might be the craziest one we鈥檝e heard of yet 鈥 but as someone who鈥檚 tried it, I have to say that it鈥檚 totally legit.

I chatted with founder + owner of Stacked SkincareKerry Benjamin about dermaplaning, the new trend that involves taking a blade to your face. Trust me, y鈥檃ll 鈥 Kerry dermaplaned me a few weeks ago, and it鈥檚 not as scary as it sounds. Plus, the results are LEGIT. Here鈥檚 why you should consider shaving your entire face with a blade in your quest for that perfect complexion.



Put all those 鈥淲HY WOULD I USE A BLADE ON MY FACE鈥 questions out of your mind and embrace the soft, glowing skin that results from this practice. 鈥淒ermaplaning is a skincare procedure that鈥檚 focused on manual exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells and vellus hair (fine facial hair also known as peach fuzz) using a sterile blade,鈥 Kerry explained. 鈥淭he procedure is safe and non-surgical, has no downtime and requires no anesthetic.鈥 When I was dermaplaned, it actually felt good and was even a little relaxing. Kerry is working on creating her own dermaplaning device, but in the meantime, she suggests using something like a Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper ($4 for a pack of three).


If you ask me, the best part about dermaplaning is seeing results immediately after the procedure. I noticed my skin tone was much more even, and my skin felt the smoothest it鈥檚 ever felt in my entire life 鈥 all because Kerry eliminated my facial peach fuzz. My makeup went on so much smoother, my complexion straight-up glowed and I felt like my skin absorbed products better.


Just like using turmeric in your face mask, using the dermaplaning method as a skincare practice will give you so. many. benefits. 鈥淭he benefits of dermaplaning include enhanced product penetration for both professional treatments and home care, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing acne scars, lifting hyperpigmentation and removing baby hair,鈥 Kerry said. Dermaplaning is a one-stop-shop for seriously flawless skin, so consider it if you鈥檙e focused on fixing several skin issues at once.


Don鈥檛 think that dermaplaning isn鈥檛 for you if you have oily skin or you鈥檙e pregnant 鈥 it can actually be particularly beneficial. 鈥淧eople with oily skin will benefit from dermaplaning even more because removing vellus hair will help to reduce acne-causing bacteria from getting trapped,鈥 Kerry explained. For pregnant ladies, dermaplaning is a safe, effective way to remove dull skin and treat acne and dryness, all of which are common pregnancy concerns. 鈥淩emoving the superficial dead layer of skin will help unclog pores as well as allowing for greater hydration, which will make pregnant women glow even more.鈥


We all have tried-and-true products that are key to our own skincare routines, but adding dermaplaning to your routine will really help the efficacy of the products you already use. 鈥淥ne of the greatest benefits of this superficial exfoliation is its ability to promote deeper, more even penetration of corrective products,鈥 Kerry told us. Basically, you鈥檙e removing some of the barriers to entry for the products you use.

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