It’s just about that time again. Cars are packing up, books are being ordered and, if you’re a teacher, the woes of professional development have likely already begun. School will be back in session before you know it, and this year is the perfect time to resolve to keep your desk from becoming less of a mess. Here are the DIYs you’ll need to start the semester off right and get cracking before summer’s over.

1. Hanging Cubbies: Keep important stuff on hand and out of the way with these hanging cubbies. Using these will also help add visual interest to the room, so you can cool it with the ubiquitous gallery walls. (via Paper & Stitch)

2. Gold-Dipped Notebooks: Taking notes can be good as gold, especially with gold leaf notebooks. Go ahead, tell us this doesn’t make you *want* to annotate all day long. (via Eat Sleep Cuddle)

3. DIY Mud Cloth-Inspired Organizer: With this wall organizer, you can stow the important stuff like fun pictures on a spot that’s always in the limelight. (via A Bubbly Life)

4. DIY Grid Planter: Green is a fantastic color choice for keeping calm, so why not throw some plants into the mix? Coupled with this windowpane print (it’s the new plaid!), you’ve got the formula for a stylish and soothing workspace. (via Homey Oh My)

5. Drawer Divider: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Keep your desk drawers from becoming junk drawers by crafting these cereal box dividers. (via I Heart Organizing)

6. Geometric Pencil Cup: Fact: Writing utensils are more likely to be put to use when housed in a cute container. This geometric pencil cup will ensure that recording those genius ideas is within arm’s reach. (via Tiny Prints Blog)

7. Suede and Gold Leaf Mousepad: Desktop users, it’s time to add a luxe touch to that mousepad. This cute DIY is easy and would make a great desk accessory. (via Lovely Indeed)

8. Picture Holders: Every desk needs a place to keep happy moments and memories. These adorable picture holders are a sweet way to keep pics of family and friends nearby. (via Passion Shake)

9. Pegboard Letter: Fire up the power tools and get ready to add a punch of personality on the wall via this pegboard DIY. If you want to get extra ambitious, try spellling out a vocabulary word. (via Rue Rococo)

10. Concrete Planter: Levels of happiness while hitting the books directly depends on having fresh flowers nearby. Make this gorgeous vase using a mail tube and remember: chin up, buttercup. (via Paper & Stitch)

11. Gold Pencil Holder: This Anthro hack is an example of upcycling in the best way. Play up different sizes and create your very own multi-purpose desk accessory. (via View from the Fridge)

12. Desktop Calligraphy Calendar: All-nighters are kind of a bummer. Keep track of time with this handy desk calendar. It’s a great spring break countdown tool ;) (via Brit + Co)

13. DIY Wall Organizer: Small space? Take it to the wall. This organizer allows for optimum space-saving, and it looks pretty cute to boot. (via Design*Sponge)

14. Accordion Organizer: Keep files in order with this adorable accordion folder. You can make your own with an old binder and some cleverly folded paper. (via Damask Love)

15. Mini Planters: Oh air plants, we will forever <3 you. Stay cheerful always with these little rays of sunshine nearby. (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Llama Bookends: These llama bookends will not only put a smile on your face, but they’ll also keep your textbooks from crowding your desk. (via Lovely Indeed)

17. DIY Ombre Desk Calendar: Get your paint on and prep yourself to swoon over this lovely calendar on the daily. (via Home Made by Carmona)

How do you organize your workspace? Tell us about yours in the comments!