Whenever spring rolls around, those summer wedding save the dates are mailed out left, right and center. Sure, summer is warm and sunny, but we say forget the beachside nuptials. Stand out from the crowd and opt for a winter wedding. The snow, the cabins, the hot cocoa… there’s something so romantic about this time of year that can easily transform your day from special to downright legendary. If you’re contemplating a chilly ceremony, don’t feel like you have to hold back when it comes to color. The snow might be white and the sky might be gray, but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be. Here are 10 vibrant wedding color palettes that will fit right into a winter wedding.

1. Eggplant + Gold: Go slightly darker than plum with this rich shade of purple. It will look great as a bridesmaid dress, incorporated in your bouquet or, if he’s up for it, as your groom’s suit color. (via Urban Rose Photo and JaneCane Photography)

2. Frost Blue + Violet: Take a little bit of inspiration from a little film you might have heard of called Frozen. If you love Elsa’s style but don’t necessarily want a full-on Disney-themed wedding, using these two colors is a great way to get the same frosty effect in a much subtler way. (via Calie Rose)

3. Black + Gold + White: Don’t be afraid of adding black to your wedding day. Give guests a sample of what’s to come with this sparkly invite and send them into art deco overload with a ceremony packed with these rich and sophisticated tones. (via Lauren Peele Photography and Etsy)

4. Midnight Blue + Ivory: Add a little bit of mystery to your wedding with a rich and decadent midnight blue and lighten it back up with a creamy shade of ivory. Slip on some dark sparkly heels under an ivory gown to sport this color in a subtle way. (via Yast Dress and Happy Wedd)

5. Emerald Green + Silver: If you’re embracing the cold in your ceremony, mimic Mother Nature nature with this deep shade of green. This brave bride ditched the traditional white dress for a sparkling green gown, and boy, does it look good. If the color is starting to feel gloomy, brighten it up with some glistening silver accents. (via The Simple Things Studio and Annamarie Atkins)

6. Cranberry + Slate + Snow White: Keep things crisp with this clean, wintery palette. This vibrant shade of red creates so much contrast with the bright white, the grey is a much needed and appreciated middle ground to even out the two. (via Love is a Big Deal)

7. Pastels + Taupe: While pastels are usually thought of as a spring colors, you don’t have to wait for Easter to embrace these breezy tones. Pair colorful hues with a neutral taupe to tone things down a bit. The soft tones will beautifully complement white snow or a bare winter landscape. (via Crystal Stoke Photography)

8. Red + Green: Sometimes you just can’t beat this classic Christmas combo. Embrace the festive season with the two colors that say it best. While these vibrant shades of red and green might seem too wild apart, when placed together they look meant to be. (via The Bride Link and Etsy)

9. Cool Neutrals: Forget the color and let the season to do the talking. Keep your palette almost completly neutral with shades of white, grey, brown and black for a chic, minimalistic look. If you need some color, throw in a super cool blue like in the bouquet pictured above, or add a touch of sparkle with rose gold or silver accents. (via Brooke Schultz and Jenny Haas)

10. Pink + Mahogany: Match up this delicate shade of pink with a rich, creamy mahogany for a winter wedding win. Use the soft pink in elements like the napkins, cake and floral arrangements, and contrast it with bright pops of brown in a things like a rustic centerpiece or a cozy fur shawl. (via Jessica Burke and Gabe McClintock)

Are you planning a winter wedding? What colors are you incorporating into your day? Share with us in the comments below.