Who doesn’t love buttons and knobs? They give you the tactile feedback you want to feel when in the car, on a boat, playing a game and when holding your phone. The growing trend when it comes to smartphones is larger, bigger, sharper screens and less to no buttons — what you’re working with now probably only has a power button and volume controls, maybe something to push to bring you home? The lack of physical buttons, although cool in the design world, puts us at the mercy of our chosen smartphone interfaces and how quick we are at maneuvering them to find and activate an app.

This is where Dimple comes in. It’s a four-button sticker you place on the back of your near field communication, or NFC-enabled device (sorry, iPhone peeps, this one’s for the Droids!) that gives your phones, wait for it, buttons. You can program each of the four using the Dimple app. Set one to launch your music player, another to speed dial someone (think of the possibilities with Voxer!), another preset to light up your flashlight and, finally, the most important one, a camera button. Dimple is equipped with Tasker integration so the possibilities are truly endless for functionality. You can make it do almost anything!

Ever want to take a lightning fast #selfie with friends (or catch that weird guy on the train cutting his doll’s hair)? There’s a button for that! Have you ever been stuck outside after a night out struggling to find your keys, the flashlight app buried in your device doing you no good at all? There’s a button for that, too!

Since this is essentially a smart sticker, you might be wondering, “How do you power such a device?” No batteries are included or necessary. Dimple both communicates and runs off the NFC so you stick it on your Droid and are good to go. Dimple has already met their Indiegogo campaign and you can still pledge to nab a two-button version for $17 or a sticker with four buttons for $27. The device is set to go on sale in August for $29 according to their website.

Does this clicky little guy interest you? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!