The treat of summer 2018 has officially arrived! Disneyland, the same park responsible for those heavenly Dole Whip desserts plus pumpkin spice and rose gold churros (yum!), is giving us yet another reason to smile this season with a brand new churro flavor that practically has us salivating.

For $5.25, you can now pick up — get this — pineapple-flavored churros from the resort’s legendary cart on Main Street USA. And that’s not all! For an extra $1, you can take your churro goodness to next-level heights as you enjoy its accompanying topper of marshmallow dipping sauce.

Like most of Disney’s mouthwatering treats, this snack is plenty ‘grammable: Already, it has Disney foodie fans showing off their foodie photography skills with scenic shots before Cinderella’s castle.

They’re also experimenting with flavor combinations, as Instagram user @ktthedisneybear proved when she introduced us to her stroke of pure culinary genius: Dole Whip and pineapple churros combined! Honestly, have our mouths even watered till now?

Between this new foodie development and the park’s ongoing Pixar Fest, which runs through September 3, we officially have every reason to pack our bags and head off to Anaheim. Consider our flights officially booked!

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(Photos via Barry King/WireImage/Getty, @idonnowhattoput + @ktthedisneybear)