It’s here, it’s finally here! With December upon us, it’s time to turn the countdown to Christmas into a festive family and/or friends affair with a snazzy advent calendar. Sure, a store-bought one is always an option. But if you’re feeling a little crafty and and want to bust out your trusty ol’ washi tape, a DIY advent calendar is the one for you. Luckily, these fab and festive projects are easy enough to make in no time. Scroll on for all 25 DIY advent calendars that are so stylish they can double as holiday decor!

DIY Modern Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

1. DIY Modern Wooden Tree Advent Calendar: Turn your advent calendar into a fun activity for your kiddos with this charming option. Use a pre-existing shelf or DIY a tree-shaped one, then add a toy “ornament” to it every day. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Printable Forest Advent Calendar

2. Printable Forest Advent Calendar: If you’re in a rush, printables are *the* way to go. Just download and print out these trendy trees. Pro tip: For a quicker option, stick your toothpicks into a foam block that’s been painted white and ta-da! You’ve got an instant snowscape. (via Hello Happy Studio)

Printable Advent Calendar

3. Printable Advent Calendar: Step up your tabletop decor with our printable advent calendar. Place things like mini bottle brush trees and tiny woodland animal toys under the boxes, so once you’re done unveiling them all, you’ll be left with a miniature village. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Treat Bags

4. DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Treat Bags: Using origami paper or bright printer paper, whip up a basket full of these advent calendar treat bags. Pop sweets inside, print off numbers and add a strip of washi tape to seal. (via Fox & Star)

DIY Watercolor Advent Calendar

5. DIY Watercolor Advent Calendar: Combine two of your favorite trends in this geometric and watercolor advent calendar. Once you fill each of these prismatic boxes up with chocolate and seal them off, they’ll be ready to spruce up your mantel. (via We Can Make Anything)

DIY Flair Advent Calendar

6. DIY Flair Advent Calendar: Obsessed with flair pins, buttons and patches? Don’t let your obsession stop there! Split this flashy flair calendar with roommates by having each person pick a number color and buy flair for those numbers. (via Studio DIY)

DIY Advent City Memory Keeper Calendar

7. DIY Advent City Memory Keeper: Reinvent the traditional house advent calendar with a DIY cardboard cityscape. Give your buildings a sentimental touch by pasting your favorite photos behind each “window,” which you’ll reveal to your family’s awws every day. (via The House That Lars Built)

DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

8. DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar: These Christmas lights may not be real, but they’ll definitely *brighten* up your holiday decor. String them up on the wall or hang them off your mantel — either way, your space will look festive AF. (via The House That Lars Built)

DIY New York City Advent Calendar

9. DIY New York City Advent Calendar: Pick up some matchboxes at your local dollar store and you’ll be halfway done with this DIY. Slap on the free NYC-themed printables, and you’ll be finished in a *New York minute.* (via Julep)

DIY Advent Tree Calendar

10. DIY Advent Tree Calendar: Betcha never seen a forest as glam and glitzy as this one. If you dig pretty pastel pinks and metallic golds, then you’ll want to pull this look together. (via A Bubbly Life)


11. DIY Modern Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar: Making it miniature makes anything 10 times cuter. Just look at those teeny tiny ornaments! If you’ve got a fascination with all things little, create this adorable advent calendar. (via Julep)


12. DIY Advent Calendar: Finally, a craft that puts your felt scraps to use. Bust out your sewing needle and stitch up this quirky little calendar. (via Tell Love and Party)

13. DIY Paper Advent Calendar: Paper is all you need to construct this hanging Christmas tree calendar. For a classic look, stick to green. Otherwise, mix things up and create your own patterned or rainbow-hued Christmas tree. (via Ohoh Blog)


14. DIY Paint-Dipped Advent Calendar Bottles: For a truly alternative take on the advent calendar, go with these paint-dipped bottles. Once you’re done, you’ll definitely have the most unique calendar out of all your friends. (via Fall for DIY)


15. DIY Colorful Advent Calendar: Stickers, pom-poms and gold accents, oh my! If you’re a fan of all three, click on over to our tutorial to get the full how-to. (via Brit + Co)


16. DIY Instagram Advent Calendar: Turn every day into a sweet trip down memory lane with this advent calendar that commemorates your Instagram photos. Apply washi tape to the back of all your selected photos, then add numbers. (via Cardstore)


17. DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar: For a mess-free advent calendar, turn to this DIY featuring a snowflake magnet with a matching magnetic board. Plus, you’ll get to hear how cool it is from all your friends and family when you finally pull this baby out. (via The Anchored Soul)


18. DIY Modern Advent Calendar: Stay true to your minimalist decor style with a complementary modern advent calendar. It’ll spruce up your home for the holidays, especially with its festive metallic silver and gold pieces, all while blending in with your monochromatic interior. (via We Are Scout)


19. DIY Last Minute Advent Calendar: Enjoy the eclectic look of mixed prints? Then you’ll want to try your hand at this DIY. All you’ll need are scraps of fabric and basic sewing skills. (via Nalle’s House)


20. DIY Piñata Advent Calendar: This dreamy hanging installation will make every day feel like a mini party. Just use origami paper and washi tape to make paper cylinders, fill the bags with sweets or a small gift and close the bag with washi tape — it’s as simple as that! (via Fābrica de Imaginaciõn)

21. Printable Advent Calendar: This whimsical watercolor print is so beautiful, you’ll want to display it long after the holiday season ends. The best part is, you only have to print it out to bring it into your home. (via Place of My Taste)

22. DIY Photo Advent Calendar: Turn up the holiday spirit with a photo advent calendar that doubles as mood lighting. Just attach numbered photos to a string of fairy lights for a *magical* wall display. (via Ling Yeung B)


23. DIY Christmas Advent Calendar: Upcycle a tree branch by painting it a bright white and hanging numbered gift tags and gift boxes. Fill each of the gift boxes with assorted jewelry, accessories and sample-sized beauty products. For a similarly classy look, stick to a black, white and gold color scheme. (via My Little Secrets)


24. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar: Gingerbread is one tradition the holiday season shouldn’t do without. You may not actually be able to use real gingerbread cookies, but these cardboard dupes look tasty enough! (via Spalvotas Dryzuotas)


25. DIY Tea Time Advent Calendar: Encourage everyone to unwind this holiday season with a daily tea time in the form of an advent calendar. Stuff glass ornaments with good-quality, loose-leaf tea, making sure to fill larger ornaments with larger leaves and smaller baubles with compact tea leaves. (via Thirsty for Tea)

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